H&M Haul—30 Things I'm Buying for My Apartment and My Wardrobe

While I usually hunt H&M's new arrivals for clothing choices, I've been eyeing the brand's home selection more often as of late. I recently moved into a new apartment, and although I knew the retailer offered homewares, I was unaware of how good the selection actually was. From unique planters to colored glassware, I've most definitely been sleeping on this shopping destination. I've always dreamed of shopping for my apartment, but I think I forgot about the part where homewares are quite expensive. H&M to the rescue, I suppose.

As I perused through the H&M site for quite some time (a little longer than you'd think), I thought I shouldn't keep my finds to myself and that I should share them with the world. I found myself in the pages of clothing and accessories as well, so don't worry. There are plenty of products to go around in this mix. And remember, H&M is notorious for products on its site selling out quickly, so act fast. I know I already have quite a few from this list in my cart as I speak.

I also can't believe these are H&M.

I'll be living in this dress this summer.

I'll be happy to put a plant in this pot.

This blazer will become one of my closet staples.

These are perfect for my dream dinner party.

I'll be layering this over a summery white dress.

This would look impeccable in any room.

If I'm going to wear jeans in the summer, it's going to be with this top.

I'll DIY a twisty candle for this holder.

This is a basic I need. How fun is this pop of green?

I was never one for the "preppy" aesthetic, but I'll consider it for this polo.

I love this classy print for a bedroom.

Another dress I'll happily be living in.

My fellow editor Indya Brown pointed out that "spa-core" is the latest home trend, so why not make your bathroom feel like your favorite spa?

Linen is the fabric you need to be wearing this summer.

When I see anything that's rattan, I feel an urge to buy it.

This set will be replacing my sweatsuits this season.

You can never have too many candles—I promise.

Shopping for rugs is hard, but I think I found the perfect one.

Use this for jewelry or as a tray for your keys.

Comfort at its finest. I think I need these in multiple colors.

This collection sold out fast, so stay on the lookout for products that are coming soon, such as this corset top.

This would look great on your bed or couch. Plus, it's cotton, so it's the breathable blanket you'd want to lounge in.

Pop a little pampas grass in here.

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