6 Easy High-Summer Outfit Ideas That Include Pants

fashion influencer Lucy Williams in Europe wearing printed pants, a black tank, and sunglasses

(Image credit: @lucywilliams02)

Hi, I’m a pant person. Not exclusively (as proven by my recent hype of a particularly great Mango skirt), but if my friends were to randomly conjure a picture of me in their mind, I’d likely be wearing, as one's parents might say, a nice pair of slacks. Look closer and they'd be nicely tailored, with a relaxed fit and a length that allows me to wear them with all my favorite flat footwear.

In happy news for my fellow trouser lovers who are seeking a little outfit inspo, I’ve curated a slew of excellent pant-centric looks from some of my favorite follows. Here are six great styling ideas to keep your summer wardrobe inspired, complete with some excellent pairs of trousers I either own or currently have my eye on.

Courtney Grow stepping into a cafe wearing red pants and a relaxed white tee, carrying a black tote

(Image credit: @courtneygrow)

The caption to Courtney Grow's Instagram post sharing this look is, "What if stepping outside my comfort zone leads to an even comfier zone?"—and that honestly sums up this slouchy, punchy, red-trouser moment better than any styling commentary I can add.

Sylvie Mus on the streets of Paris wearing black capri pants, black kitten heels, and a black summer blazer, holding a black clutch

(Image credit: @sylviemus_)

Sylvie Mus is notorious for capturing chic, neutral looks on the street of Paris, staying true to her personal style while integrating just a few of each season's buzziest pieces. Capris are having a big moment this summer, but this tailored, all-black outfit keeps everything feeling classic rather than too trendy.

fashion influencer Lucy Williams in Europe wearing printed pants, a black tank, and sunglasses

(Image credit: @lucywilliams02)

I'm sorry to report that these Massimo Dutti pants are currently sold out in every size but one but happy to share that this extremely chill summer look is just as good with any printed alternative. In more good news, I've discovered that Khaite's ribbed knit tanks are (surprise, surprise) fantastic, and minimalist leather flip-flops continue to make everything better.

Cass Dimicco sitting outside wearing a blue striped button-down shirt, cream tailored trousers, and ecru belt with a gold buckle, and rectangular brown sunglasses

(Image credit: @cassdimicco)

If your energy is July in Lake Como but your reality is three days a week in the office, Cass Dimicco's style is a great place to land. We love tailored creamy trousers with an equally creamy belt, and there's nothing like a striped button-down paired with no-nonsense, post-swim hair and sunglasses.

fashion influencer Marina Torres carrying a raffia tote and wearing black linen summer pants, a tie-front top, red bikini and red Havaiana flip-flops

(Image credit: @marina_torres)

I'm sure we're past the point of me needing to convince you of the benefits of a great pair of black linen pants, but I'm dropping in Marina Torres's look as a friendly little reminder. I also can't stop talking about this Havaianas trend that dominated my trip to Spain, and I'm into this old-school red pair as another little nod to the color we still can't stop wearing.

Clare Most taking a mirror selfie wearing green cargo pants, a white strapless top, flat strappy sandals, and carrying a black Chanel shoulder bag

(Image credit: @clare_most)

There are some outfits that really just get you through a season and are perfect for throwing on when you want to be chill but tidy. The vibes of a strapless white top are always immaculate and dress up '90s-inspired cargo pants perfectly. Add strappy black sandals and a polished shoulder bag, and that's all we need to say about that.

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