My Group Chat Confirmed These Dinner-Date Outfit Ideas Are Compliment Magnets

The power of the group chat is not to be messed with. Case in point? After months of barely putting on anything other than sweatpants, I have to admit I was a little out of practice when it came to getting dressed for "normal" events. Instagram and the runways were naturally two sources of date night outfit inspiration, but honestly, it was the collective approval of the group chat that helped guide me through it all. With a little bit of trial and error and some healthy debate over which heels look best with dresses, I got my mojo back. I exchange fancy outfit ideas with my friends so much, it wouldn't be far-fetched to call me an expert.

But seeing is believing, so I've assembled 15 failproof looks that prove my point. Whether you're team pants or team dress, the below night-out looks are guaranteed to impress more than just your date. Keep clicking to see every outfit that garnered the group chat seal of approval.



Style Notes: Being the power color that it is, red is not for the person that wants to blend in. A red dress in a silky material for that matter? You're bound to turn heads as soon as you enter the front door. To further the monochromatic illusion, throw on a pair of red translucent pumps. 



Style Notes: Reservations that require a downtown dress code call for a sleek leather blazer dress. The pop of layering underneath via a mock-neck minidress creates more depth.



Style Notes: It takes a certain level of confidence to show up to a dinner date in a white tee, but leave it to shoe designer Amina Muaddi to show that indeed it can be done. To balance out the casualness of the tee, stick with a fitted, flashy pencil skirt and stilettos.



Style Notes: Since coordinated sets basically do all the styling for you, look to simple accessories to complete the look.



Style Notes: Tights get a bad rap these days, but with an It-girl pump like Saint Laurent's Helmut heels and a flirty animal print minidress, it's impossible to not feel like the hottest thing in the room.



Style Notes: The next time a laidback candlelit dinner is added to the books, opt for an easy knit maxi skirt and fitted shirt. Leave a few buttons unfastened at the top and bottom for a subtle flash of skin.



Style Notes: Not every dinner date requires heels, and for those pledged to flats life, a minidress-and-blazer combo is sure to work.



Style Notes: Few situations exist when a spicy minidress isn't the answer. Satin or silk always looks expensive, and even more so in a striking color.

Style Notes: The sky-high platform trend is definitely applicable to date nights—just grab your best leather pants and a cool cropped jacket.



Style Notes: The best way to keep warm, stay cozy, and look amazing all at the same time? A maxi sweater dress. Stick with a heeled shoe to keep the look elevated.



Style Notes: When push comes to shove, a bodycon dress will always feel on point for a night of pasta and wine.

Style Notes: For those who prefer pants to be in the equation, try loose-cut trousers with a fancy, fitted bodysuit. It's a relatively simple outfit formula that never fails to look sophisticated.



Style Notes: This outfit marries two of the year's biggest trends: the miniskirt and the colorful poplin blouse. It's a pairing that's simple and cool and with the addition of a glitzy heel, will likely guarantee a second date.



Style Notes: Sometimes it pays to stick with the basics. A palette of monochromatic light tones feels fresh and glows against the skin. Add some simple metal jewelry for extra visual interest.

Style Notes: If a tropical destination is on the agenda opt for a bold printed dress and sandals in an eye-catching color.