41 Stylish Gifts for the Kids in Your Life—and Their Parents

As someone who’s been in the “baby world” for nearly two years now (if you count from the start of my pregnancy), I’m always amazed at just how much is out there. From clothing to gear to décor to feeding, there are not only endless categories but also countless subcategories for what feels like every single month of a child’s life—plus seasonality. In other words, I’ve seen a lot, and while I know I’ll probably never stop learning and discovering in this space, from what I have seen so far, I do already have some favorites.

So if this holiday season has you shopping for a baby, new parents, or perhaps an already-opinionated toddler and you’re understandably overwhelmed, today I’ve got you covered. Ahead, you’ll find some of the best gifts I’ve given, received, bought for myself, and even some I’ve just discovered, all of which can make great holiday presents for the kids in your life or, of course, their parents. To get started, simply keep scrolling.

I loved this so much I bought it in two colors.

Honestly, I want them for myself, too.

If you're buying it in hopes of later borrowing it, this is a no-judgment zone.

You can bet this is on every new mom's wish list.

There's nothing better than "kids stuff" that's as chic as adult stuff.

What's better than an expertly curated gift box?

I have a thing for pouches, but these really are cute for toting your baby's things around.

If this came in my size, I would 100% be buying it.

Not all feeding brands are created equal, and Avanchy happens to be one of my favorites for both buying and gifting.

Simple kids' towels are weirdly hard to find, so I'm grateful for Parachute.

Want your friend to be the coolest mom on the block? Buy them this for their stroller this winter.

Zara Kids is literally failproof.

I don't have a daughter, but I will find someone's to buy this for.

When I had my son, I quickly learned why this brand is a favorite among new moms.

Opening up a gift from Bonpoint feels like winning the lottery.

These bassinets are so pretty and can be used as storage baskets once the baby outgrows them.

What's cuter than a baby sweatsuit?

East Coast littles especially need these for the winter.

If the kid in question loves music, then this portable speaker is a game changer for them and their parents.

Curated boxes make shopping for little ones so much more enjoyable.

This is the prettiest teether I've ever seen.

There's nothing I enjoy more than when my favorite brands start making children's clothes.

I blame EmRata for putting this stunning Dockatot on everyone's radar.

Just in case you have a friend who would definitely want the same high chair Kim Kardashian West has.

You can't go wrong with Nike—at any age.

Splendid is another easy favorite for comfy kids' clothes.

For anyone navigating the world of solids, chic feeding accessories are a dream.