We Found the 22 Best Gifts for New Moms

The season of gift-giving will soon be upon us, and while it's such a lovely time of year, it can also be incredibly stressful because of, well, the gifts. Finding the perfect present for your in-laws, your best friend, or even your office secret Santa is seriously panic-inducing if you have no idea what to look for. Plus, browsing through aisles aimlessly tends to leave you feeling more lost than ever. Enter us—the gift-giving experts, who've curated countless guides to make this time of year as joyful and stress-free as possible.

We've already highlighted 25 no-fail gifts for in-laws, the best under-$25 items on Amazon that'll always make a great present when you're on a tight budget, and today, we're focusing our attention on the best gifts for new moms. As you can guess, anything that encourages comfort and relaxation is a great option, because sleep is not something new parents are going to be getting a lot of the first year. Other key things we think she'll love? A cool skin-to-skin top that's a game-changer and a diaper bag that looks nothing like a diaper bag.

Ahead, enjoy our roundup of the 22 best gifts for new moms, from the quirky to the relaxation-centric.

Give the gift of a good night's sleep (well, sort of).

This bath soak is a game-changer for new moms.

The Poosh diffuser blend is a euphoric mix of rose, lavender, and grapefruit (yes, it's dreamy).

Get this limited-edition find while it's still available.

You can't go wrong with a luxurious bathrobe.

You'd never guess this was a diaper bag.

A relaxing roller? Um, yes, please.

Meet the perfect gift: the new-mama care kit.

Another must for a relaxing night in.

There are so many benefits to these skin-to-skin tops.