The Jeans We're Cleaning Out From Our Closets (and 5 We're Adding)

Our team has been organizing and cleaning out our closets while spending time at home. In fact, we recently highlighted many of the items we're planning to donate once we're able to again. Today, we wanted to focus on the specific denim styles we're ditching as we work toward updating our wardrobes.

We also thought it may be of interest to highlight the jeans we want to introduce into our rotations or are already wearing in place of the silhouettes we're getting rid of. Of course, it's not imperative to add something new when you're doing a closet refresh, but it's an option if the time feels right.

Keep scrolling to check out the jeans we're cleaning out from our closets along with the trendy counterparts we're into. Of course, all of this is based on our own preferences. As always, you should keep and wear whatever you personally love and feel the most comfortable in.

Wearing Less: Distressed Skinny Jeans

Wearing More: Flared Jeans


(Image credit: @joiedejude)

"I'm officially ready to part ways with the handful of distressed skinny jeans I own and barely wear. Instead, I'm leaning into streamlined, longer-length flared silhouettes—a denim trend we've spotted on our favorite celebs and fashion girls." — Judith Jones, senior market editor

Wearing Less: Cropped Flares

Wearing More: Straight-Leg Jeans


(Image credit: @trustmebuythis)

"I think I'm finally ready to let go of the (many) cropped flares I acquired in the style's prime in order to clear space for the longer, straight-leg cuts I'm favoring now." — Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, senior market editor

Wearing Less: Skinny Jeans

Wearing More: High-Waisted Wide-Leg Jeans


(Image credit: @kristenmarienichols)

"I pretty much live in loose, wide-leg jeans at this point, which have replaced all of my skinny jeans. Not only are they more comfortable to wear, but they also feel a little cooler, IMO. This super-high-rise pair from Levi's is only $98, so it's a perfect place to start if you're on the fence about the trend." — Kristen Nichols, senior editor

Wearing Less: Cropped Jeans

Wearing More: White/Cream Styles


(Image credit: The Style Stalker)

"Like many of the other editors, I'm feeling looser-fitting styles this season, and I'm especially enamored with off-white or cream styles. While my classic cropped-leg vintage denim that's super tight-fitting through the waist and hips has been on hiatus for a while now, it's hard to imagine going back to that rigid, restricting style anytime soon—especially after so much time in comfy pants at home." — Kat Collings, editor in chief

Wearing Less: Frayed Jeans

Wearing More: Light-Wash Straight-Leg Jeans


(Image credit: @allypayer)

"I have so many pairs of super-cropped frayed-hem jeans, yet it's a style I'm wearing less and less. I'm replacing that style (for now) with light-wash loose jeans, which feel appropriate for the warm weather." Allyson Payer, senior editor

This story was published at an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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