5 Chic Trends to Wear Instead of Classic Skinny Jeans

Before we jump in, let me just mention that I’m an avid skinny-jean wearer. That said, I get that there are some of you out there that prefer other styles or are simply up for trying something new rather than those tried-and-true skinnies. Well, if that’s the case, what’s coming at you below will be of utmost interest. (P.S., If you still want skinny-jean outfit ideas, may I also direct you to this piece?)

Even though many of us aren’t wearing jeans right now (rather joggers and the like), I thought I’d round up some denim silhouettes that have the same sleek vibe as skinnies but aren’t standard blue or black skinny jeans.

To see more, keep scrolling to check out some previous fashion-girl imagery featuring the cool denim trends worth noting. And if something catches your eye, you’ll also find product recommendations if you are shopping at the moment.

1. Skinny-Straight Jeans

The best slim-straight jeans



Think of slim-straight jeans as the cousin to skinny jeans. This particular style has similar qualities to skinnies but are just a bit roomier. We’re all about a slightly cropped pick to show off spring and summer shoes.

The best coated skinny jeans



If you still want to lean into the skinny-jean look (hey, I don’t blame you), try an alternative to the classic black and blue pairs with a coated style for something different.

3. Flared Jeans

If you haven’t tried flared jeans yet, it may be time to give them a shot. While there are extra-wide silhouettes, the more tailored cuts are more in line with a cool skinny-jean vibe.

4. White Straight-Leg Jeans

The fashion crowd continues to embrace white denim—particularly in straight-leg cuts—to bring a fresh and modern twist to their 2020 ensembles.

5. Colorful Jeans

The best colorful jeans



Similar to the idea of white jeans above, a pair of straight-leg jeans in a colorful hue is quite the departure from blue skinny jeans but are just as chic this season.