7 Stores to Shop If You're Still Obsessed With J.Crew

If you take a moment to break down your shopping habits, you'll quickly see which stores you go to for specific parts of your closet. When you need sleek dresses and going out tops, there's Reformation. For those edgy and cool graphic tees? Urban Outfitters has you covered. And when you're looking to build your wardrobe with bright, polished staples that work for almost any setting (including the office), chances are J.Crew is the first store to come to mind.

Stores like J.Crew


Style Stalker

There's no doubt that J.Crew is chock-full of timeless staples like Oxford shirts and tailored blazers worth adding to your ensembles, but that doesn't mean you can't mix it up now and then, right? 

Every good wardrobe has its healthy share of variety, and luckily, there are plenty of brands like J.Crew we guarantee you'll love just as much. To find out which ones we're talking about—and, of course, shop from each one—scroll down to see them all.

& Other Stories

If you're looking for pieces that feel classic but are still current, & Other Stories is it. Between the wide variety of colors and the stylish, classic takes on major trends of the moment, the brand will be one worth investing in.


On the other hand, if you're looking for design-forward, minimalist-approved pieces that'll transcend the test of time, COS is the store for you. Opt for wardrobe staples like a simple slip dress or a leather skirt.


Direct-to-consumer brand Everlane has become a favorite among practically everyone in the fashion world thanks to its simple, chic design and wallet-friendly prices. If you're looking for everyday staples, add Everlane to your shopping list.


Looking for casual pieces to up your WFH game? Lacausa has plenty of pieces to choose from. Whether you want a wardrobe full of bright and playful hues or you prefer your neutrals, these are the pieces you'll live in. I promise.


For a more casual take on pieces that feel similar to those from J.Crew, look to Madewell. You'll find everything from classic denim to casual tops that can be dressed up and down. There's no going wrong here.


Mango is teeming with pieces that range from timeless classics to fashion-forward trends, which means there's undoubtedly something for you. Whether you choose pieces for your everyday wardrobe or save something for a special occasion, the fashion girl–approved brand will become one of your ultimate go-to names, no questions asked.

Pixie Market

Pixie Market always has a handful of options that put an unexpected twist on wardrobe staples. Think trousers with button cuffs or collared shirt with ruched sleeves. Yep, that's Pixie Market.