I'm a Classic-Style Expert—Here's My Capsule Wardrobe

When it comes to my personal sense of style, I usually veer on the classic end of the spectrum—and I consider myself somewhat of an expert at building the perfect mix of timeless pieces. Instead of jumping into the newest trends, I instead prefer to interpret them in my own way. I even have a rule that I follow when I add something new to my closet. I always ask myself, Is this something I can wear past the season? Will I want to wear it again next year?

By asking myself these questions, I end up cutting down on the number of pieces I purchase and have instead cultivated a collection of items I can wear again and again. While I do wear colors, I tend to stick to a palette of neutrals, including black, white, tan, and the occasional pop of red.

If you, like me, gravitate toward classics style over trends, I've rounded up my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. Ahead, shop the essential pieces in my closet and my capsule wardrobe for classic style.