5 Simple Summer Outfits I Fall Back On When I Have Nothing to Wear

Summer is for soaking up the sun, picnics in the park, sunset cocktails, and sidewalk brunches—not spending copious amounts of time fussing over what to wear. That's not to say one shouldn't look stylish while partaking in the aforementioned activities, which calls for a rotation of no-brainer, throw-on-and-go ensembles that you'll look and feel great in.

For those moments when I feel zapped of inspiration or am running late, I've landed on a handful of outfit combinations that take next to no mental effort to create but still really deliver. I find myself re-creating these five looks over and over throughout the summer months with a few seasonal standbys like denim shorts and simple tanks. Up ahead, I'm breaking down my favorite simple summer outfits that you can wear on repeat (I know I will be...).

Printed Dress + Sporty Sneakers

Dresses and sneakers go together like salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, and well, you get the gist—it's a fail-safe combination that works every single time. That, and it offers everything you want in a summer outfit: easy to execute, comfortable enough to live in, and with the right pieces, Instagram gold.

White On White

A crisp white T-shirt with rigid white jeans is a combination I wear at least once a week in the summer. It looks fresh no matter what and offers the perfect base for a pair of statement sandals.

Simple Tank + Relaxed Trousers

On weekends, you can find me wearing a version of this easygoing look. Jeans are great and all, but when denim feels too heavy in the heat, relaxed trousers are the ideal swap.

Matchy Matchy

Seriously, is there anything easier than an outfit that takes zero mental effort to create but that delivers every time you wear it? Mm-hmm, that's what I thought. With so many fresh colors and styles to choose from—shorts? pants? a skirt?—a two-piece matching set deserves a spot in everyone's summer wardrobes.

Delicate White Top + Denim Shorts (or Jeans)

If you, like me, could easily wear a white T-shirt and jeans 365 days a year, consider this outfit your simple summer update to the staple combination.