3 Simple Jewelry Trends Everyone Is Wearing Right Now

Given that many of us are spending most of our time at home these days and dealing with all sorts of life’s curveballs, it’s no surprise that in fashion categories from loungewear to footwear to today’s topic of jewelry, It items have emerged that we didn’t necessarily predict back when we were forecasting spring and summer trends a few months ago. Whether it’s a matter of comfort or simply adapting to the idea of shopping less and revisiting pieces we already own, the fashion crowd has been making the most of its limitations by both creating new, unexpected trends as well as giving new life to old classics.

Bringing it back to jewelry, it seems that we have taken the route of the latter—or at least that’s what my Instagram feed suggests—because the overwhelming majority of posts I’m seeing on a daily basis are of the same three simple pieces. To see what they are and, of course, shop the trending classics along the way, just keep scrolling.

Bold Chain Necklaces

Even better when paired with more bold gold jewelry.

Or, of course, you can keep it simple and let your chain speak for itself.

The perfect complement to sweats and socks.

Chunky Gold Rings

I tried my hand at showing mine off, and it's much harder than it looks. 

They look as good layered as they do on their own.

Bonus points if you match your mani to your outfit.

Simple Anklets

A classic gold-chain style will never fail you.

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