I Live in Basics: Here's What I'm Keeping, Swapping, and Putting Away for Summer

spring-to-summer basics



Here in New York, I can say with the utmost confidence that winter is behind us. I know you might be thinking, But it's basically already May, and while you're technically right, it hasn't really felt like spring until just recently. Now that I'm confident in the weather, the day has finally come to transition my closet for the season ahead and say goodbye to heavier layers for the next six months. Into storage you go, coats, hats, and boots!

Transitioning a closet can definitely be a tedious task, so I find it helpful to first focus on swapping out the building blocks of my summer wardrobe—aka the basics. As a fan of simple style, I pretty much live in my basics, so today I'm focusing on those foundational items. Ahead, I've broken down the spring-to-summer basics into three sections: the ones that I'm carrying over, the ones I'm putting away until the fall, and the summer replacements I'm pulling out of storage. 

If you need some guidance for your own wardrobe transition, look no further.

Keeping Out: Cardigans



Eighty percent of my sweaters get put away until the fall, but I always make sure to keep a few cardigans in rotation even in the summer. They're a great layer to combat the office A/C or to throw on over a dress if the temperature dips at night.

Putting Away: Leather Jackets

Replacing With: Trench Coats



Leather pieces have no place in my summer wardrobe, least of all heavy leather jackets. Instead, lightweight trench coats are becoming my go-to outerwear staple. They're essential for looking chic (and staying dry) throughout those late spring showers.

Keeping Out: Relaxed Denim



Relaxed denim has become my favorite staple in 2022, and I don't see that changing just because summer is rolling around. I'll simply be bringing them into the new season by wearing them with tees and tanks instead of jackets.

Putting Away: Sweatpant Sets

Replacing With: Track Shorts and Boxers



I live in sweatpants and matching hoodies in the colder months but notice that I rarely wear them when it's warmer since they feel too thick and hot to really be practical. For lounging and traveling, I'm leaning into lighter athletic staples like track shorts and boxer-inspired shorts. They're just as cool as they are comfortable.

Keeping Out: Oversize Shirting

Just like relaxed denim, oversize shirts are another year-round staple I don't plan on retiring. Instead, I'm updating how I'll style them. I think they'll go great with miniskirts and shorts in the warmer months.

Putting Away: Wool Suiting

Replacing With: Linen Suiting

Relaxed suiting is a year-round staple in my wardrobe, so it's not fully going away just for the summer. What is getting put to the side though is wool blends and thicker fabrics that are much too hot for the season. I'm looking to replace my trousers and blazers with lightweight linen versions instead.

Keeping Out: Slip Dresses



I could be alone here, but I've always worn slip dresses throughout the year. I find them to be supremely versatile and perennially chic. For the summer, I plan to wear mine with simple sandals and a slicked-back bun.

Putting Away: Ribbed Knit Dresses

Replacing With: Airy Cotton Dresses

What's a summer wardrobe without at least one or two airy dresses? In the dead of summer, there's nothing I'd rather put on. Ribbed dresses, on the other hand, often feel too thick and hot to be practical this time of year.

Keeping Out: Cotton Lingerie



My lingerie doesn't go through as many seasonal cycles as ready-to-wear, but no matter the time of year, classic cotton pieces are always relevant.

Putting Away: Tights and Thick Socks

Replacing With: Tall Crew Socks



Focusing on my top dresser drawers, I'm removing my tights and thick wool socks for obvious reasons, and adding even more classic crew socks into the mix. I wear them constantly in the summer with sneakers and shorts for a sporty spin.

Keeping Out: Classic Crew-Neck T-Shirts



I hardly need to explain myself here. But if I had to comment, I'd say that white tees are the plain basic I'll never not have on hand. These are my top eight picks, in case you were curious.

Putting Away: Turtlenecks and Long-Sleeve Bodysuits

Replacing With: Racer Tanks and Tube Tops



Summer is the season of tiny tops, therefore, I'm pulling out ribbed tanks and tube tops and putting them at the top of my stack.