The Five Spring Makeup Trends to Have on Your Radar (Before Everyone Else)

Spring Makeup Trends 2024
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I love experimenting with winter beauty trends, but it's spring that sparks my interest every year without fail. As the weather gets warmer and the daylight we're met with every day is extended, there's no better way to kick off a new season of creativity and exploration than playing with the makeup trends that become apparent before we even hit March. Before you start scrolling through TikTok and Pinterest in attempt to sniff out trends before they hit, scroll down for an insider look via celebrity makeup artist Brandy Allen and founder of LYS Beauty Tisha Thompson and the products they'll be using to bring the five biggest spring makeup trends to life.

A Skincare-Driven Base

Amaka Hamelijnck Spring Makeup Trends 2024

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Last year was all about using a skin-first approach to makeup to help create a glowing, even-toned complexion to build upon, and we'll certainly be seeing the same mindset continuing through this spring. "Glowing skin is expected to carry on from 2023 to 2024. The focus on radiance and healthy-appearing skin has been a well-loved trend, and I believe it's not done," predicts Allen. "I'm a huge fan of clinically proven skincare, and before makeup, skin should be radiant." We'll exclusively be using a lineup of skincare and makeup products that bring on the glow.

Thin and Full Eyebrows

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"I'm also seeing more of the thin-brow trend from the '90s and 2000s. I remember in high school and college getting my brows waxed and threaded to have a snatched, clean, sleek brow," Allen says. "I've always regretted it thanks to fuller brows taking over. The current beauty trends lean more toward the fuller, natural-looking brow. But now I'm so proud to see people embracing their thinner brows." But don't reach for your tweezer just yetThompson predicts fashion people are still embracing full, fluffy brows, which can be achieved with a good brow pencil or pomade.

Effortless Eyes

Sabina Socol Spring Makeup Trends 2024

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According to Thompson, barely there eye makeup looks à la the clean girl aesthetic will be dominating the beauty space once again this spring. "I think we're going to see an influx of people ditching false lashes and sticking to brown and black mascara on their natural lash hair. It gives a refreshing, youthful look to the face for those wanting to lean into that effortless makeup look. Plus, it's a little easier on the pockets for the mindful spenders out there," Thompson explains. It's time to retire your eyelash glue and invest in a multi-peptide lash serum to boost lash length and volume for a natural, easy-to-achieve look.

Throwback Lip Looks

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Both Allen and Thompson agree we'll be seeing modernized takes on throwback-inspired lip looks. "I think we'll see the return of dark lipstick. Think Monet McMichael's classic dark shade or deep browns, chestnuts, burgundy, and mauve tones," Thompson tells us. Allen raises another trend to keep an eye out for: the return of the ombré lips, a popular makeup technique that creates a gradient effect using two or more shades of lip products for a full and defined finish.

Ultra-Radiant Cheeks

Aysha Sow Spring Makeup Trends 2024

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Recently, the beauty industry has witnessed a spike in the demand for cream-based complexions, but Thompson also foresees the much-awaited reintroduction of cream highlighter and highlighter/blush hybrids to our makeup bags this season. "These will become the next complexion enhancer marrying the color we all love from blush with a light sheen and glow that we love from highlighter," she tells us. "It's like a modern take on the traditional powder highlighters without the chunky glitter or shimmer, and we'll see these products popping up for the face and body."

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