9 Spring Hairstyle Trends All the Fashion Girls Are Wearing Right Now

We're not sure what it is about hair, but in all honesty, it's the first thing we forget about when it comes to finessing our beauty routine. After all, it's easy to condemn each and every bad hair day to the same camouflaging style, or on the contrary, love a certain signature style so much that it slowly transforms into complacency. (I say this as someone who wears a twisted-up top-knot 99% of my waking hours.)

The idea of styling our strands can be daunting, and the thought of trying new looks may feel tiresome or time-consuming—especially when social media is an incessant display of gorgeous albeit truly involved hair looks. The thing is, if you look a little more closely through your scroll this spring, you'll likely notice that all of your favorite fashion and beauty muses are taking a les-is-more approach when it comes to their spring hairstyle aesthetic. Buns and ponytails are flourishing, and fun accessories that are equal parts subtle and functional (think basic bobby pins and bucket hats) are having a moment in the spotlight. 

To prove the best spring hairstyle trends of 2019 don't have to be intimidating, we took stock of all of our favorite leading fashion ladies. Keep scrolling for nine spring-approved hair protocols we're seeing over and over again this season. 

Warm Weather–Proofed Braids

We'll be honest—braids never go out of style. But while the red carpets and our feeds are often peppered with ultra-intricate works of braided art, we rely on our favorite fashion girls to show us an easy, effortless take for spring that keeps the hair off our back without risking a stylish finish. 

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Long, Flowy, and with a Hat

We're seeing hats all over our feeds—most often paired with long, flowing strands. Plus, what better way to protect your skin and strands from spring's sun and showers?

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This leopard bucket hat is at the top of our wish list. 

Ariana-Approved High Ponytails

While some might say they ring too strong of Bring It On vibes, high ponytails have a special spot in our beauty-loving heart because they're chic and they're the best style when it comes to hot and sticky weather. 

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Bobby Pins + Center Part

Show-stealing barettes have been everywhere this year, but for spring, we prefer something a little more low maintenance. Bobby pins capture the same polished, pinned-back vibe but feel a little more down-to-earth and spring festivity-friendly. Plus, you can buy 300 for $5, so there's that. 

Slicked Back

Not only does an easy slick-back look clean, effortless, and put-together, it's also the perfect antidote if you have three minutes to get ready post-shower or are running from pool to cocktails. 

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The Low Knot

We'll be honest and say this easy and functional style might be the most popular and well-loved of the bunch this spring. It takes two seconds and is a no-brainer antidote on those days when you're hair refuses to cooperate. 

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The Half-Pony

We've worn and loved this style since the '90s, and frankly, we couldn't be happier to notice its revival. It's perfect for spring when we prefer easy and effortless ways to keep our hair off our faces and looks even more relevant when paired with a scrunchie. 

Piled High

If you're not in the mood for a ponytail, the sky-high top knot will most definitely be a favorite go-to hairstyle for spring. It's easy to achieve and instantly shows off your makeup and outfit as it's less distracting than other spring styles.

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Sleek 'n' Short

A handful of hairstylists have told us the trend for spring and summer will be to move away from a shortened length, but we're still 110% on board for a cropped cut. First of all, there's the whole spring and summer heat and neck sweat situation, and second, we think the look instantly elevates our outfit with infinitely more style. 

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