The 20 Coolest Spring Hair Looks From Around the World

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Is it just me or has everyone really stepped up their hair game recently? With the recent surge in hair accessory trends—from clips to scrunchies to headbands—I feel inspired to switch up my look every time I open Instagram. 

My feed is full of #hairfies from fashion girls all over the world right now, introducing fun looks like Carrie Bradshaw hair and tiny tendrils. With warm weather making everyone want to shed their winter skin, I thought it was only fair to share the best hair looks from our stylish Who What Wear readers to inspire your spring styles. Below I've highlighted some of the biggest global hairstyle trends, plus shopped out the key products you'll need to re-create them. 


Cool clips are hands down the biggest hair trend of 2019—with fashion girls from Hanover, Germany, to Paris, France, NYC to Edmonton, Alberta, all jumping on board. The best part of this look is that it's beyond easy to re-create: Simply stick a clip anywhere on your head you like. Whether it's a single clip holding back one side of your part, two stacked on top of one another, or a whole pin party as seen above, you really can't go wrong whichever way you choose to style them. 

This hairspray smells good enough to replace your perfume. 


Another iteration of the clip trend actually utilizes more of an old-school hair accessory: bobby pins. The above fashion girls from Norway and France stacked many pins to hold back their front pieces, while the girls from L.A. and Tokyo went the more simplistic route sticking with just one or two to create a similar look. The best part of this trend? It's ultra-affordable. You probably already have a drawer full of bobby pins, but if you're in need, they'll only set you back about $7.

The hardest-working hair accessory in your drawer.

This is basically a dry shampoo, hairspray, and texturizer all in one. 


What's sure to be one of the most popular hairstyles as we move into the warmer months is the low bun. Adorned with playful scrunchies and chic scarves, the low bun keeps hair off your face and neck while still looking polished. Above we see a sleek example from Bali, a looser version from Bangalore, India, and an NYC style that allows the scrunchie to be the hero piece of the outfit. To re-create the look, run some hair oil through your strands to prevent fly-aways, twist your hair back into a low bun, and secure with your favorite scrunchie or scarf. 

This oil leaves your hair perfectly shiny without even a hint of grease. 


Blair Waldorf would be so proud. Headbands have seen a major resurgence in the past few months, and fashion girls from around the globe are all over it. What was once considered a style only the preppiest would be drawn to has now moved back into the mainstream fashion spotlight—as seen above in London, the Phillippines, and Norway. 

A little goes a long way for day-three strands. 


Another style that's basically made for summer is a sleek middle part tied back into a knot or ponytail. As fashion girls from London, Lisbon, and Miami demonstrate above, this look makes your entire outfit feel that much more polished. Plus it's beyond easy to style—simply part down the middle, run some frizz-control oil through your strands, and secure at the base of your head. 


Big, voluminous '80s waves are back, and fashion girls everywhere—from NYC to Paris to Dubai, as seen above—are jumping on the bandwagon. Dubbed Carrie Bradshaw hair, these full-bodied waves are taking over our Instagram feed. What could be better for spring than free-flowing locks? To get the look, start out with some wave spray to encourage your hair's natural curves, loosely run a curling iron through it, and finish off with some dry texture spray for volume.  

I use this almost every day—and it smells heavenly. 

I also use this every day, and it also smells heavenly. 

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