Dang, These 29 Affordable Spring Finds Are Special—Almost Too Good to Be True


Mango Check Knitted Cardigan ($60); Midi Skirt ($60); Tank ($40)

While there's a range of current spring pieces that really get me going, it’s the more affordable items that stick out as true front-runners. That’s right. The market is currently filled with a smattering of chic under-$100 items. But after scrolling through the pages and pages of new merch at all of our favorite stores, there’s a tight edit of those especially A+ picks that are incredibly special. To be honest, they almost feel too good to be true due to their trend-forward nature.

Here, I’m talking everything from eye-catching knits that can elevate any simple ensemble, chic footwear silhouettes that look incredibly high-end, adorable tops that are also very versatile, and cute dresses that might just become spring and summer wardrobe staples. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to check out 29 more affordable spring items that could pique your interest right this very moment.

This structured cardigan is chic on its own with a tee or with the coordinating knit tank.

Wear this cardigan, tank, and skirt all together or mix and match.

This color is where it's at this season.

This ribbed skirt would look quite chic with a simple tee or the matching top.

The exaggerated seams bring a forward twist to this lightweight top.

Very current-feeling with your favorite sweatsuit.

Okay, I may be a tad biased, but this Who What Wear bag is very chic.

It's the structure here that's particularly noteworthy.

Incredibly chic with a midi skirt.

These sunglasses look super expensive.

Cute on its own or as a layering piece.

The ruching on the side of this dress is quite pretty.

The intricate crochet makes this skirt feel so high-end.

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