Fun Fact: All of These Fashion Icons Are From the South

When you think of Southern fashion, visions of the antebellum scenes of Gone With the Wind and the quintessential small-town women of Steel Magnolias probably come to mind, right? While the importance of the classic films set in the South certainly shouldn't be diminished, the fashion icons of our time and the past should also be credited for influencing how many fashion girls dress, both today and throughout history. While some may be a little obvious (i.e., every Beyoncé fan knows she hails from Houston, Texas), others are a bit more surprising (any guesses as to where Farrah Fawcett is from?).

To ensure you're well informed as to the origins of icons fashion girls always turn to for style inspiration, we rounded up eleven women from the great American South, from socialite Zelda Fitzgerald to current It girl Selena Gomez. Read on to boost your Southern fashion-icon knowledge and shop pieces that stylish Southern women love.