Sofia Richie Told Us the Ultimate Denim Hack, and We Wish We Thought of it First

In Sydney recently to help Windsor Smith launch its latest collection, we had the opportunity to sit down with Sofia Richie, and find out more about her style. The 20-year-old model, and sister of Nicole Richie is quickly becoming a fashion heavyweight in her own right, fronting campaigns for brands including Tommy Hilfiger and Chanel.

While her red carpet style is show-stopping, it's her casual every day looks that have us furiously pinning to our style boards. From making Ugg boots look super chic, to owning the 80's-inspired denim look, we're enamored by her style.

We pressed Richie on what she'd never wear, her best style hack, and who inspires her most.


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What fashion trend do you want to see cancelled?

Umm, give me a second because I know I have a good one . . . Let’s come back to that one!

Ok, in that case, what fashion trend did you spot absolutely everywhere this summer?

I feel like everyone is wearing backpacks these days, which I love, I love carrying a backpack.

What are some tips you’ve picked up from working with your stylist?

She kind of has me looking at pieces that I would never wear and then simplifying them. Like, something so dramatic and then simplifying it and I’m like, “That’s not bad.” I’ve also been buying big jeans, like 10 sizes too big, and then taking in the waste and it looks really cute. Like these jeans, were five sizes too big and I just took in the waist and now they’re cute.

 Such a good tip! So you get that good baggy shape on the leg and then you tailor it to fit around your waist.


Tell us about the stylish women that influence you.

I love the Olsen twins.

They are the ultimate icons. Do you ever borrow clothes from anyone?

I steal my mums bags all the time. She’s like, “Where is this?” and I’m like, “Hmm, wasn’t me!” [Laughs]. 

What are your very first memories of fashion?

I used to sit in my sister’s closet, and watch her get ready. I would literally go to her house to watch her get ready to leave. Don’t ask why, I just loved it. It looked so effortless, today it takes me an hour to get ready, and I’m like ‘How did she do that in five minutes in front of me?’ I loved watching her put an outfit together.

How has your style evolved as you’ve gotten older?

I used to love wearing sweatpants and baggy street-wear clothes. And now, I like to class it up a bit. I’ve been watching old vintage movies for the last two years and I watch all those elegant women with the pearls and I’m like, ‘I wanna be you.’

What are your favourite shoe styles at Windsor Smith? How do you like to style them?

The Portofino sandals. I love them, I think they’re simple and can go with anything.

You’re pretty experimental with your fashion but is there anything you’d never wear?

I really don’t like awkwardly low heels���

Kitten heels?

The kitten! Like Chanel makes a cute one but those are the only acceptable ones. The little stiletto, inch heel… It’s not OK. Refuse. Never ever. 

What’s in and out for shoe trends?

I think mules. I love mule heels—I think those will be in. I think everyone will be in super-high stiletto mules and it’s just going to be a casual thing.

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