Small But Mighty: 56 Pieces From the Most Beautiful Independent Brands


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It’s official. We’re well and truly in the thick of Black Friday weekend and whilst there are many deals to be had (and undeniable benefits to considered purchases at this time), I much prefer spotlighting the brands people are less familiar with during this period. I changed the way I shop a decade ago and whilst I do dabble in high street shopping when I find quality pieces, around 80% of my new acquirements are purchased either pre-loved or from independent brands and mulled over for a prolonged period.

I’m not the only one who has changed their shopping habits either. The ever-diversifying fashion industry is allowing niche labels to come to the fore, with many customers preferring to invest in original designs and lesser-known styles, especially when it comes to gift-giving season.

The choices are aplenty when it comes to independent brands. I could have easily written a series on the many I adore but alas I have whittled it down to make it somewhat digestible. I spent the best part of 2023 keeping note of the pieces that caught my attention, so you’ve come to the right place if you’re interested in discovering new names. Call this article the antithesis of Black Friday, if you may agree that it's a special feeling knowing that whilst buying from small brands, you’re supporting artisans, makers and small businesses.

Many of these brands are also treating us to generous discounts, whether you're looking for a fashion-based pick-me-up to add to your collection or a gift for a loved one. Keep scrolling to see and shop some unique pieces. You’ll find something to cater to every corner of the home and wardrobe, whether you're a homeware fanatic, a dress lover or a person with a penchant for bags.

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