The Under-$70 Loungewear Set Fashion Girls Are Wearing at Home

In my seemingly never-ending search for cute, comfortable, and functional loungewear, a lot of factors are currently pointing me in the direction of Skims. First, my older sister, whose taste and opinion I strongly trust, is a huge fan and won’t stop telling me to buy basically everything the brand makes. Next, the bras and most other items in the collection have amazing reviews on—a factor we hold in high regard here at Who What Wear. Last, they’re all over my feed!

Usually, I’d take that last one with a grain of salt, but when you see the photos I’ve gathered below, you’ll understand why I’m experiencing serious FOMO around the brand’s ribbed bras, tanks, and trendy boxers. Especially because if you combine one of the two aforementioned top options with the boxer shorts, a matching set comes out to less than $70. When you've spent as much time scanning shopping sites for loungewear as I have, you know that's a good deal. Plus, if boxers aren't your thing, there are leggings and briefs, too! Of course, you don't just have to take my word for it. Feel free to keep scrolling to see (and inevitably shop) for yourself. 

This cute look is only the beginning.

The most logical way to wear a blazer right now.

The bone colorway seems to be a top contender for favorite.

The perfect shorts for lounging in bed and reading a magazine.

Classic, but fresh.

If Hailey Bieber's stylist approves, you know they're good.

Of course, you could skip the shorts altogether and opt for high-waisted briefs instead. 

I've probably convinced you by this point, but feel free to keep going.

The brand's Cotton Triangle Bralette is also both highly rated and highly appealing, no?

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