We Tried On 16 Best Sellers From Skims—Here Are Our Thoughts

As someone who's been watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians since season one and is currently rewatching (thanks, Hulu!), I've always believed Kim Kardashian to be a genius. Not many agreed with me for some time, but when she released her stellar line of shapewear, people finally started to see what I was talking about. Celebrity brands can often be hit-or-miss, but everything I've tried thus far from Skims has exceeded every expectation. Sizing and fit vary for everyone, so I thought I'd ask my co-workers to try on some of the brand's best sellers and share their honest reviews. 

We've taken a variety of pieces, from cotton bras to cozy sweatsuits, out for a test run. We even shared our favorite tried-and-true Skims pieces, so you can shop the items we've kept for the long haul. Keep scrolling to see all of our pictures and reviews—you're in for a treat. Once you become a Skims girl, there's no turning back.

Anna LaPlaca, Editor
Skims Review



Bra Size: 36B

Size Tried: Medium

Review: "Like wearing a cloud—that's how I'd describe this Skims set. I thought I knew comfy loungewear before the Cozy collection came into my life, but it turns out I was wrong. Cozy doesn't even cut it. The texture makes it feel like you're being enveloped in a warm hug, and this has been my at-home uniform lately during a particularly cold and snowy bout of NYC winter. While I've been wearing the two pieces as a set, the baby tee is giving me a '90s feel, so I want to style it on its own with some high-waisted denim, too."

Eliza Huber, Editor
Skims Try On



Bra Size: 32B

Size Tried: Small

Review: "I'll be the first to admit that I love Skims. For real. If anyone mentions the brand, I'll immediately go into a monologue about the Fits Everybody Thong ($18) and the brand's T-shirts that feel like air. I even willingly tested out the Waist Trainer ($68) on a 90-degree day for a story and was thoroughly impressed. Knowing that, when I tried out the Cotton Mock Neck Tank ($34) and matching Cotton Rib Boxers ($32), I had high expectations. For starters, I loved the fabric on both pieces, with one being a super-soft, standard cotton material and the other being a ribbed fabric. They both hugged my body in a really nice way while simultaneously smoothing over any bra- or underwear-related bumps. That being said, I wasn't a huge fan of the waistband on the boxers, which is what I thought I would love most about them. While it is a cute touch, it made the boxers quite uncomfortable for long-term wear, making me less interested in wearing them to bed (the exact time I planned to wear them most). As for the tank, my only complaint would be the way it is cut in the underarm area. If the chest on the shirt was slightly wider, it would be a bit more flattering in that spot."

Sierra Mayhew, Associate Editor
Skims Loungewear



Size Tried: Medium

Review: "It's the dead of winter, and if you're anything like me, there's been a lot more time spent at home than you're used to. I've been using this set as a starting player in my hibernation lineup, and it's been amazing. The fabric is so soft and cozy, and when you live alone, you just need to wear something that feels like a warm hug sometimes. Accurately dubbed the Cozy collection, it's honestly lived up to its name. My only complaint is that the fit on the bra was a bit weird for me since I have a bigger bust. In the future, I'd match the pants with my colleague Katie Berohn's tee."

Shop another Skims piece Sierra loves:

"I bought this dress in black, and it is probably the most well-traveled piece in my wardrobe. I've taken it everywhere from bars in New York City to bedtime during my trips to Los Angeles. Having a dress that is both a going-out look and a pajama piece is a first for me, and honestly, I'm loving it. Sleeping in a dress is the next best thing to sleeping naked, and since this one feels like a second skin, I can't tell the difference."

Katie Berohn, Associate Beauty Editor
Skims Loungewear Review



Bra Size: 32DDD

Size Tried: Medium

Review: "When I first opened this set, I thought that the pants were definitely going to be too long on me, but they actually fit really well. I'm typically a medium, and this S/M set fits me really well. It feels like I'm wearing a fuzzy sock all over my entire body. It's both cozy and cute, making it the perfect loungewear to hang out in."

Shop more Skims pieces Katie loves:

"I was skeptical about buying a bralette at first because I have a larger chest (I'm a 32DDD), but this bralette has pleasantly surprised me. It holds everything up and is so comfy."

"This bra was such a great purchase. It offers support while still being really comfortable—a perfect everyday bra."

Sarah Yang, Managing Editor, THE/THIRTY
Best Skims Products



Bra Size: 36B

Size Tried: Small

Review: "Super soft and cozy, this bralette is so comfy to wear around the house. I love pairing it with some black leggings for the ultimate lounging look. It's stretchy and fits true to size. (I'm a 36B, and I got the S/M.) Bring on the fuzzy vibes!"

Best Skims Items



Review: "I love this essential tank—it works so well with jeans and hugs my body in the best way possible (without it feeling too tight!). The jersey material is soft yet still a bit structured. I want more of these in every color offered."

Yusra Siddiqui, Assistant Market Editor
Skims Clothing



Size Tried: Small

Review: "In the cold winter, this top is what I want to be wearing 24/7. It has a slightly loose fit and feels like a cloud. This, like all the other cozy pieces, are hand-wash only, which would be my only 'con.'"

Shop more Skims pieces I love:

I've never been one to lounge in robes, but that was before I got ahold of this one. 

It's hard to find an underwire bra that not only gives you optimal support but is also comfortable, but this bra does both jobs. 

More Skims products we love:

I have a bigger chest and have been on the hunt for years for a bra that will lift and slightly minimize, and this bra meets both of my goals. (Skims also has a nursing version for expecting moms!)

Kim Kardashian truly did her thing with this dress. It will most definitely flatter anyone.

I hate wearing bras and wish I could never wear one again. For comfy days, this is the bra I opt for. It's extremely stretchy and soft on the skin and gives support without me feeling like I'm being suffocated.

I've tried a lot of pajama sets and have been disappointed many times. Many of them shrink in the wash or rip, but this one has been nothing but stellar. It is 100% worth the investment.

If you want to channel your inner Y2K, this is the way to do it. My fellow editor Indya Brown raved about it's cloud-like material.

I normally wouldn't condone spending more than $30 on a basic tee, but this one is worth every penny. On the days where all you want to do is throw on a big, comfy T-shirt, this is the one you want.

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