30 Pretty Diamond Rings That Somehow Cost Under $750

If you’re a jewelry addict like me, you probably spend a healthy chunk of time swiping through beautiful imagery of diamond rings online or on your Instagram "explore” page. But alas, diamonds are definitely not an easy purchase. There are so many things to consider from timelessness to cut, clarity, sustainability, and most importantly, price. But whether you’re seeking a nontraditional engagement ring or looking for a little treat for yourself, I’m here to tell you that whatever you’re looking for does not have to break the bank. It is possible to find amazing diamond rings on a budget. Below I’ve gathered 30 different styles, broken down into categories that are all $750 and under.


(Image credit: Getty Images/Kristina Petrick)

Stackable Band

Stackable bands with micro diamonds are probably the most versatile version of a diamond ring. While they’ll definitely add a subtle sparkle to an evening look, they’re also appropriate and understated enough to be a part of your daily uniform.

Open Style

The open-style ring, for starters, is good for people whose fingers fluctuate in size. It allows a little extra room for growth and lets you mix up the fingers you wear it on. It’s also a modern and simplistic style statement that symbolizes an open heart.


The varying shapes of metal and stone are fun to mix and match. The sculptural element to this grouping will make your finger party feel like modern art. These styles can make for a contemporary engagement ring or fun wedding band for the alternative bride.

Vintage Inspired

There’s nothing like your grandmother’s diamonds. These vintage (or vintage-inspired) pieces feel as special as an actual heirloom. They are unique and pay major attention to detail.

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