6 Things You Definitely Need to Know About Diamonds

When the team at Tacori invited me to visit their atelier, perched on a bougainvillea-lined street in Eastside Los Angeles, I felt like I had won a contest. As a self-proclaimed diamond girl, getting an inside look at where Tacori’s pieces are designed and made is probably how regular people feel about being backstage at a HAIM concert. Upon arrival, I was invited to stack on as many infinity bands as my fingers could handle, and as I layered pendant necklaces, I fantasized about having such a luxe stash in my jewelry box IRL.

And for the record, I’m not the only one who has a mad thing for diamonds here at Who What Wear: Our co-founder, Hillary Kerr, is also completely infatuated with excellent jewelry. Below, watch our catch-up with Nadine Tacorian, COO and design director of the Tacori jewelry empire, as she answers our most pressing questions about all things diamonds—and scroll down to hear about the launch of our Who What Wear x Tacori jewelry collaboration we finally get to hint about.