These 19 Chocolate Diamond Rings Are as Dreamy as They Sound


(Image credit: @levian_jewelry)

You've heard it plenty of times before, and you'll undoubtedly hear it again: Diamonds are a girl's best friend. That's why everyone should splurge on a big, sparkling dazzler that'll be in your jewelry box for years to come (and maybe even handed down to your grandchildren). Diamonds withstand time and trends, plus they're luxe and gorgeous. But just when you thought it couldn't get any better than a classic clear, colorless stone, chocolate diamonds enter the picture—and yes, they're as dreamy as they sound.

Chocolate diamonds are exclusive to Le Vian, a fine jewelry brand that introduced the sweet brown gems into the world back in 2000, working them into everything from cocktail rings to elegant necklaces. (You can read all about the history of the chocolate diamond here, which we highly recommend doing because it's super interesting.) There are so many chocolate diamond jewels to choose from, but we decided to hone in on the best rings. Ahead, shop the rich, brown baubles you'll want to be perched on your finger forever.

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Eva Thomas