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It's Wednesday, which means that it's time for our weekly installment of new arrivals. However, in honor of this month's focus on the slow-fashion movement here at Who What Wear, today we're giving it a special spin, focusing on just that. That's right: think ethical, sustainable, and overall-conscious brands with a mindset of selling items you'll keep for years, rather than just one trend cycle. In other words, the opposite of its fast-fashion counterpart.

From bags to dresses to sandals, I have something for every style type and price point. Now your only problems will be narrowing down your favorites and making room in your closet, but don't worry because these pieces will be sticking around for a while. So what are you waiting for? Shop my picks of the week below, and don't forget to check back next Wednesday for another batch of fresh fashion finds.

As one of the biggest fashion brands championing sustainability and ethical production right now, we can always get behind a Stella piece.

Available in sizes IT34 to IT50.

This brand focuses on not only maximizing the beauty of its pieces, but it also focuses on minimizing its global footprint at the same time.

Available in sizes XS to M.

You'd never guess these statement handles were made out of recycled metal.

The idea behind this brand is to create timeless pieces you'll keep forever, and I think we can agree this bag defines that.

Take comfort in knowing not that this bag is the perfect addition to your beach look, but that it was handmade in Madagascar by female artisans.

This brand will plant five trees for each order placed, which means I might have to buy both the top and the shorts.

Available in sizes XS to XL.

This seemingly trendy white top made with natural fiber is actually quite classic, meaning you can wear it for years to come.

Available in sizes 0 to 10. 

In case cuteness wasn't enough of a reason for you to buy this top, it's also made by workers who are getting paid fair wages and are using machines that knit so there is no waste.

Available in sizes XS to XL.

This scarf, made of deadstock fabric, can be worn so many ways.

Available in size O/S.

A brand that's all about fair trade and the environment and just happens to make really cool sneakers.

Ethical production and sustainability are just some of the reasons we love Outdoor Voices' eye-catching collections.

Available in sizes XS to XL.

This quote from the designer is all you need to know about this brand: "I am committed to using fine and sturdy fabrics in the collection because I want the pieces to last a very long time."

Available in sizes 0 to 10.

You'd never guess Laura Lombardi's pieces are all made almost exclusively of raw or recycled materials because they're that good.

Sustainable jewelry brand Wwake has been on our radar for years.

I know I don't need to brief you on Reformation, so let's just focus on this perfect dress.

Available in sizes 0 to 12.

Low-key, H&M's Conscious Collection is often cooler than its regular line.

Available in sizes 0 to 10.

This brand "was born from the concept that great style does not have to come at the expense of our environment—and that design can strike a balance between beauty and good intentions." Safe to say it nailed it.

Available in sizes 00 to 10.

As longtime fans of Everlane, we love seeing its offerings expand.

Available in sizes XXS to XL.

Not only does Dôen practice mindful production, but the brand is also dedicated to supporting women in the workplace.

Available in sizes XS to L.

This sustainably sourced dress is prettier than anything I've seen in a while.

Available in sizes XS to XXL.

Sustainable materials, a focus on slowing the fashion cycle, and cute shoes? I'm in.

Available in sizes 35 to 41.

Would you ever guess this was made of recycled materials?

Top and Whimsy Hi Pant ($73) available in sizes AUS6 to AUS14.

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