The Woman Behind Hollywood's Favorite Meal Delivery Service

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Whitney Tingle on Second Life


Second Life

As far as meal delivery services go, none come close to being as stylish (yes, food can be stylish) and adored by the celebrity set as Sakara Life. Sakara is an organic plant-based meal delivery program that sources fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients that heal, transform, and deliver lasting results. Whitney Tingle is a wellness entrepreneur, healthy living expert, and the co-founder and co-CEO of Sakara Life. 

Since Tingle and business partner Danielle DuBoise founded the company in 2012 on just $700 they raised at a dinner party, it's become a nationwide success with one million (and counting) meals served and a celebrity following that includes Chrissy Teigen,  Gwyneth Paltrow, Lily Aldridge, and  Kate Hudson. They also launched a Clean Boutique, with Sakara-branded supplements, snacks, and teas. 

But this is Second Life, so you know Tingle didn't go straight from the University of Arizona to becoming a wellness trailblazer. Tingle's first job was on Wall St.—at Merrill Lynch, where she planned to become a financial advisor. She later got a job at a financial technology startup before eventually deciding to partner with best friend and holistic health coach DuBoise to start Sakara. 

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