Korean Skincare Expert Sarah Lee on How She Created a Cult Beauty Brand

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Second Life Podcast Interviews Sarah Lee of Glow Recipe


Second Life

Korean skincare expert and Glow Recipe co-founder Sarah Lee spent years in the corporate beauty world at L'Oreal Paris before making the leap to start her own company, which has created cult products that have sold out numerous times on Sephora. Glow Recipe's first popular product, the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, had a "waiting list of 5000 people within a few hours after launch," Lee tells Second Life host Hillary Kerr. How impressive is that? 

"There was a sense of desire that everybody wanted on Instagram," Lee says. "And I think that we organically built micro-influencers with our customers because the first ones that tried our formula really were excited to share their experience on their Instagram, whether they had 200 followers or 500,000 followers. And that just became a viral community of sharing the results and the first reviews. I think that really trickled to a wider audience." Learn about her fascinating career journey on the newest episode of Second Life on iTunes, and scroll down to shop her brand. 

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