Meet Sali Christeson, the Woman Revolutionizing Workwear for Women

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There’s no denying there’s an innate confidence that comes with wearing an ensemble that both looks good and makes you feel good. At the forefront of the workwear revolution, Sali Christeson set out to create a ready-to-wear brand that offers functional, high-quality, and vibrant pieces that give women the confidence to become power players and that reflect the evolution of women in the workplace. After discovering hard-to-digest stats that women in the workplace are often judged based on their appearance, Christeson knew something had to be done. Thus, Argent was conceived. The brand immediately registered with women across all industries and caught the eye of some of the most influential women aiming to shatter the glass ceiling, including Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Kamala Harris, Awkwafina, and Elaine Welteroth. Since Argent’s launch in 2016, the brand has impressively raised over $6 million to date in VC funding with strategic investors and, in addition to its online business model, has retail locations in California, New York, and D.C. with plans to continue expansion.   

The success of Argent lies in Christeson’s past career life. Prior to launching the game-changing brand and upon receiving her MBA at the University of South Carolina, Christeson spent a decade working in the Bay Area as a tech and finance executive. There, she struggled to find clothes that were practical and professional but also bold with a personal flair.

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