I Hate High Heels, But I Love This Trend

It takes a lot to get me in a pair of heels. Since it's not unusual for me to rack up well over 10,000 steps a day crisscrossing New York City, anything taller than an inch or two just doesn't work out. But since I can't resist a little bit of fun, all the cool sculptural heels I've been eyeing might just convince me that sore calves and a blister or two are worth it. While unusual, artistic, and straight-up gravity-defying high heels aren't a new trend, there are so many brands offering up their own takes on the trend right now.

While I'd have to point to Jacquemus and J.W.Anderson as the leaders of the quirky-cool heel aesthetic, they're not the only brands currently sitting in my shopping cart. Below I'm highlighting 21 pairs of sculptural heels that just might convince me to swap out my sneakers and sandals for the coming months. From subtle to seriously over-the-top, this is a trend that you can tailor to your aesthetic. Read on to shop the best of the best now.

Leave it to Jacquemus to make me reconsider stilettos.

Available in sizes 35 to 41. 

Meet the heels of the future.

Available in sizes 36 to 40. 

These heels aren't as heavy as they look—we promise.

Available in sizes 37.5 to 39. 

It's called subtlety. 

Available in sizes 36 to 41. 

Here's a pair of shoes for those who like their neutrals.

Available in sizes 38 to 40. 

Get your shine on in these.

Available in sizes 37 to 38.5.

Ganni goes for subtle sculptural heels.

Available in sizes 37 to 39. 

Mixed materials for the win.

Available in sizes 37 to 39. 

Funky in the best way possible. 

Available in sizes 36.5 to 39. 

A polished and pretty twist on the trend.

Available in sizes 36 to 40.

Sure, they may not look practical, but they do look good.

Available in sizes 37 to 39.

Meet the mules you'll want to wear all fall.

Available in sizes 36 to 40. 

What's better than one footwear trend? Two.

Available in size 40. 

These heels are sure to sell out completely.

Available in sizes IT 36 to 41. 

The perfect summer shoes. 

Available in sizes 35 to 42. 

Mules or pumps, wear them how you want to. 

Available in sizes 35 to 41. 

Hurry before these Zara heels are gone for good.

Available in size 8. 

Shoes that are worthy of Cinderella.

Available in sizes 34 to 42. 

If you're looking for a simple take on the trend, these heels are it.

Available in sizes 36 to 41.

Topshop's bold shoes are a winning pick.

Available in sizes 4.5 to 11.5

Starting to shop for fall? Spring for these.

Available in sizes 36 to 40. 

Now you're all set to try the trend out yourself.