I'm Obsessed With Scandi Fashion—Here Are 17 Spring Outfits I've Screenshotted

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It might be presumptuous to state the following, but I'm convinced that most people have one "unimportant" thing that takes up an immeasurable part of their mental focus. For some, it could be a culturally relevant film that didn't get its due at the Oscars or a conversation they heard on an exciting podcast. However, for the fashion set, it always comes back to clothing. Whether we like to admit it or not, we spend so much of our time obsessing over the newest designers, scouring the runway for trends, and lambasting ourselves for never buying that one It item.

But possibly the most time-consuming topic for many of us is choosing what to wear. Even as an editor, I'm not immune to falling into an intense preoccupation with how to transition my wardrobe into spring. And I've found that it's even more amplified by the fact I can't stop reminiscing about my recent time spent in Copenhagen. The sheer amount of inspiration from the Scandinavian style set that I wish I had taken photos of still haunts me. 

So to help assuage my mental preoccupations (and maybe yours, too), I researched 17 simple spring outfit ideas from women across the region. Plus, I shopped out the key pieces to re-create the looks and shared some nuggets of styling wisdom I learned from their overall approach to style while traveling there. Even if you don't reside in a Scandinavian country, these outfit ideas are worth the space in your mind (and on your camera roll).

Sunglasses + Trench Coat + Denim Jacket + Tank + Jeans + Clogs
Scandi fashion influencer wearing trench coat over denim jacket and wide-leg jeans



The Scandi style set knows a thing or two about layering, so when you're trying to decide what to wear for those chilly spring days, you'll want to turn to the experts. Don't be afraid to layer lightweight outwear (e.g., a trench coat over a denim jacket, tank top, and jeans), as it's a simple way to look cool without being cold. 

Tank Top + Straight-Leg Jeans + Slingback Heels
Scandi fashion influencer wearing tank top, jeans, and slingback heels



Simplicity is a cornerstone of Scandi style, so keeping it minimal is a must when tapping this community for inspiration. Start by taking your favorite tank and jeans and adding a pair of slingback heels and a sleek shoulder bag for an effortlessly chic outfit. 

Woven Leather Bag + Sunglasses + Button-Up + Trousers + Boots
Scandi fashion influencer wearing woven leather bag with khaki top and matching pants



Want to look put together without having to put in a lot of effort? There's a simple solution: Opt for a monochrome ensemble. Try pairing a brown button-down with matching trousers, a contrasting woven leather bag, and boots for a look that will have the compliments crawling in. 

Leather Shirt-Jacket + Tube Top + Trousers + Sneakers + Handbag
Scandi fashion influencer wearing leather shirt jacket, tube top, relaxed trousers and sneakers



Don't pack away your favorite leather jacket yet! You can still wear a shirt-jacket, bomber, or moto simply by styling it with a tube top, relaxed trousers, and sneakers this spring. 

Draped Top + White Jeans + White Sandals + Brown Handbag
Scandi fashion influencer wearing beige drapped shirt, white jeans, white sandals, brown bag



Ignore rules around how you "should" wear white this spring, and instead try styling separates together. If you need a place to start, we recommend pairing a draped top with white jeans and sandals (like the look above). 

Tweed Set + T-Shirt + Heels + Handbag
Scandi fashion influencer wearing a tweed jacket and matching pants



Another way you can channel that quintessential Scandi aesthetic this spring is by opting for a matching tweed set. You can dress it down if you want, or you can fully lean into the polished vibes by pairing it with heels and a discreet handbag

Hoop Earrings + Knit Sweater Dress + Sandals
Scandi fashion influencer wearing stripped knit sweater dress



Navigating how to dress for spring weather can be tricky, but if you're trying to strike a balance, look no further than the outfit above. Pairing a printed sweater dress with sandals and statement hoops will allow you to tackle transitional temperatures tactfully. 

Longline Coat + Flower Choker + Tube Top + Trousers + Ballet Flats
Scandi fashion influencer wearing



One of the best things about Scandinavian style is that its minimalist approach makes for the perfect slate to add on a few trendy pieces. For example, a classic longline camel coat paired with a tube top and trousers can be given a fresh feel with the addition of ballet flats and a florette necklace

Leather Blazer + Denim Skirt + Moto Boots + Handbag
Scandi fashion influencer wearing a blazer, denim skirt and boots



Not all spring trends are worth adopting, but denim skirts are worthwhile in the minds of the Scandinavian set. There's no shortage of people wearing them in various ways on the streets of Copenhagen and Oslo. But if you need inspiration on how to style this skirt closer to home, pair it with a leather blazer, a T-shirt, moto boots, and a handbag.

Matching Knit Set + Shoulder Bag + Sandals
Scandi fashion influencer wearing knit set, shoulder bag and sandals



Sometimes you just want a simple spring outfit to throw on and go—enter the look above. A matching knit set paired with a shoulder bag and sandals will never fail you. 

Colorful Sunglasses + Choker Necklace + Linen Short Suit + Sandals
Scandi fashion influencer wearing matching yellow suit and sandals



Another effortless outfit idea you can rely on in the spring? A matching linen short suit set. You can opt for one in a trending pastel hue (or neutral, whichever you prefer) and make it feel more fun by adding colorful shades, sandals, and jewelry. 

Tank + Cargo Pants + Sandals + Clutch Bag
Scandi fashion influencer wearing tank, cargo pants, sandals and clutch bag



If you haven't gotten the gist yet of one of the key defining principles of Scandinavian style, let me clarify: Less is more. There's nothing wrong with keeping it low-key on a spring day and styling a tank with cargo pants, sandals, and a clutch bag—in fact, it's recommended.

Leather Trench + T-Shirt + Belt + Maxi Skirt + Sneakers + Crossbody Bag
Scandi fashion influencer wearing leather trench, t-shirt, maxi skirt and sneaker



Not only is minimalism a crucial part of embracing a more Scandinvian-inspired wardrobe, but sustainability is too. It's all about finding ways to wear seasonally pegged pieces year-round—e.g., choosing to style a leather trench with a T-shirt, linen skirt, and sneakers in the spring. After all, if you're going to buy something, why not wear it as much as possible? 

Shoulder Bag + Moto Jacket + Strapless White Dress + Sandals
Scandi fashion influencer wearing moto jacket over strapless white dress



Another example of how the Scandi set has mastered mixing pieces from different seasons is the look above. You wouldn't guess such an essential fall piece like a leather moto jacket would look so good with a spring-ready white maxi dress, and yet, it does. 

Sunglasses + Longline Coat + T-Shirt + Jeans + Sneakers + Shoulder Bag
Scandi fashion influencer wearing longline pink coat over t-shirt and jeans



You've scrolled this far and might be thinking that all Scandi fashion girls stick to neutrals, but that's far from true. Color isn't something to circumvent; instead, this fashion set intentionally incorporates tinted pieces into their wardrobes. For example, a pink longline coat can be styled with everyday staples like a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers to make it more practical. 

Sunglasses +Jewelry + Tube Top + Slip Skirt
Scandi fashion influencer wearing a black tube top and slip skirt



Can't see yourself embracing color this spring? That's fine too. Simply take a cue from the look above and use luxurious textiles (e.g., satin) and color-blocking to create the same visual interest. 

White Dress + Bag + Pumps
Scandi fashion influencer wearing a white dress and shoulder bag and pumps



Hopefully by now, you've found a few outfit ideas that you're ready to re-create for spring. But should you still find that you're stressed about what to wear, then please screenshot the look above for later. You really can never go wrong with throwing on a cute white dress (of any kind) with pumps and a beautiful bag and heading out into the world. It's a look worth the space on your iCloud and in your closet.