I Just Got Back From Copenhagen—Here's Every Major Street Style Trend I Saw


One of the best things in the world (besides buying something you love) is being able to travel. Having the privilege to leave the bubble you live in allows you to explore new places, learn new things, try different foods, and experience new cultures. While there are so benefits from traveling, my personal favorite is being able to spot (and be inspired by) street style trends. As a resident of New York City, I'm no stranger to seeing someone shuffle out of the subway in the buzziest micro-trend of the moment. That quick second can spark a desire to try something new, and that's even more true when traveling.

Anytime I travel abroad, my sartorial horizons are broadened just as much as my cultural ones. This was very much the case with my last trip to Copenhagen for CIFF and fashion week. There was something so surreal about spotting some of my favorite Scandi-style influencers and editors from around the globe wearing the coolest trends of the moment. To share that magic, I've rounded up some of the best looks from Copenhagen Fashion Week. Plus, I've identified eight street style trends that dominated the cobbled streets of this Danish capital and shopped them out. Prepare for some serious travel and style inspiration sans jet lag. 

1. Shaggy Faux-Fur Coats


(Image credit: Christian Vierig/Getty Images; @fashionwithjazz)

At first, I thought I was biased toward the return of shaggy faux-fur coats. (I literally wore one myself for my trip.) But as I ran from show to show over the course of the week, it became clear that this coat trend was a favorite among the Danish fashion set. Keep scrolling to see how others wore this outerwear trend.


Style notes: Scandi women regularly use color to spice up simple outfits. An all-black outfit can be bolder with the addition of colorful faux fur and accessories. 


Style notes: A simple way to make this coat feel more relaxed is by styling it with a Canadian tuxedo. 


Style notes: Use a colorful shearling coat to color-block with various separates. 


Style notes: The key to not letting winter get you down is taking a cue from the Copenhagen fashion set and embracing a colorful shaggy coat styled over neutral pieces. 

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2. Silver Resurgence


(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Some street style trends are hard to spot, but that wasn't the case with the wide embrace of metallics. While traveling there, I saw many donning high-shine silver pieces in the form of pants, coats, boots, and even bags. This trend may seem a little out-there, but the Scandi set showed that there is no shortage of ways to style this trend. Keep scrolling to see how metallics were styled for fashion week.


(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Style notes: A simple way to ease yourself into metallics is by picking one piece that will be the focal point of the look and pairing it with other minimal pieces. 


(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Style notes: Not sure what colors you can pair with metallic pieces? When in doubt, opt for neutrals or get matchy-matchy and wear a set. 


(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Style notes: Another way to try out this trend is to invest in a pair of metallic shoes and wear them with what you already own. 


Style notes: You can incorporate this trend into your life easily by throwing on a silver-hued coat. 

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3. Think Pink 


(Image credit: Imaxtree; @nnennaechem; Pictured: MilkWhite Oversized Faux Leather Coat ($319))

In addition to the metallic-hued pieces I spotted all over Copenhagen's street style scene, there was a color trend I couldn't escape: pink. Unlike previous versions of this color trend, the Scandi style set's approach was much more subdued. They weren't embracing vibrant hot pink and fuschia. They were wearing pastel versions and using color-blocking to make it more approachable. Keep scrolling to see how this color was styled.


(Image credit: Imaxtree; @minahabchi)

Style notes: Add a little pop to your favorite black suit by pairing it with a pink second-skin top, a bag, and platform heels. 


Style notes: Embrace pink to the fullest by opting for a matching knit set. 


Style notes: An easy way to make a head-to-toe pink outfit look put-together is incorporating neutral-hued pieces. (Think: black, white, beige, etc.)


(Image credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Style notes: Don't be afraid to pair pink with other unexpected colors. The more playful you get, the more you'll be able to channel that signature Scandi-style aesthetic. 

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4. 3D Rosettes


(Image credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images; @ninasandbech)

We first saw 3D flowers emerge on the fall/winter 2022 runways across various cities, and it was considered to be, at the time, a "niche" trend. Since then, this accessory has bloomed in popularity among the Scandi fashion set and beyond. Keep scrolling to see how this accessory trend was styled for CPHFW.


Style notes: Want to make your favorite oversize suit feel fresh? Simply add a fleurette choker.


(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Style notes: All-black outfits don't have to be boring. Case in point: the look above. The simple addition of a rosette necklace makes this outfit even prettier.


(Image credit: Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

Style notes: Use your rosette as a way to play with color-blocking. 


(Image credit:  Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Style notes: Copenhagen Fashion Week proved that 3D flowers should be embraced across the board, even in unexpected ways. Why not opt for them in the form of hair clips, brooches, and built-in elements on your footwear and ready-to-wear pieces? They are, after all, only going to grow in popularity from here. 

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5. Colorful Shades


(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Despite being incredibly frigid, most days in Copenhagen were sunny, which meant sunglasses were a must. I found that most people attending the fall/winter 2023 shows weren't wearing one specific silhouette. Rather, they were embracing colorful frames across the board. Keep scrolling to see how brightly hued sunglasses found their spotlight this season.


(Image credit: Imaxtree; @petrahenriette)

Style notes: Go for a matching moment, and choose a pair of sunglasses that accentuates the boldest color in your outfit. 


(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Style notes: Another way to embrace colorful sunglasses is by opting for a matching tonal moment. 


Style notes: Use your eyewear to highlight the details in your favorite T-shirt.


Style notes: Add a little edge to a tonal look by adding a contrasting pair of sunglasses

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6. Extra-Long Coats


Another noteworthy outerwear trend at CPHFW was extra-long coats. While this silhouette may have returned to the top of the fashion people's minds last fall (thanks to buzzy brands such as Saint Laurent), it's clear it's here for the long haul. Keep scrolling to see how the Scandi set embraced this jacket style.


Style notes: Often, the beauty of a longline coat is that it does most of the legwork for making an outfit look great. A pair of jeans and a T-shirt are elevated when styled under a long jacket. 


Style notes: Make this coat pop by pairing it with contrasting neutral pieces. 


Style notes: One way to make this classic silhouette feel more trend-forward is by opting for one in a fun material like the shearling version above.


Style notes: Style this coat over wide-leg jeans and a blazer for a buttoned-up look you can wear just about anywhere. 

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7. Moto Boots


(Image credit: Imaxtree)

One of the things that makes Copenhagen so unique is that many of the streets are paved with cobblestones. And while it's undeniably charming, it doesn't make walking in heels easy. You can understand, then, why the most popular footwear among the Scandi set for fashion week was flats and, more specifically, moto boots. Ahead, see how these boots made their way through the streets of Copenhagen all week.


(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Style notes: Lean into the androgynous nature of these boots by styling them with a denim skirt, button-down, tie, and oversize leather jacket. 


Style notes: Play with romantic, edgy, and menswear-inspired elements to make these boots really feel cool. You can do that through unexpected pairings—e.g., a miniskirt paired with moto boots or a headband styled with a minimal blazer. 


Style notes: You don't have to go out with bare legs to show these boots off. Simply take a cue from the look above and try tucking in one side of your pants.


(Image credit: Christian Vierig/Getty Images; @emilisindlev)

Style notes: Give these boots the attention they deserve by styling them with shorts, a sweater, and a longline leather jacket. 

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8. Bold Balaclavas


(Image credit: Imaxtree)

And finally, the last noteworthy trend I spotted while in Copenhagen was balaclavas. From a pragmatic stance, this cozy knitted hat would be a must-have in the frigid winter city. Per usual, the Scandi fashion set took this otherwise simple cold-weather staple and made it 10 times more stylish. From opting for versions made with crochet appliqués to using vibrant-hued ones to color-block, there was an abundance of ways that this hat was worn. Keep scrolling to see proof.


Style notes: Balaclavas were often used as the final touch to pull together mismatched pieces at fashion week. Black and white already match easily, but the color combo looks even more intentional with the addition of a crochet balaclava. 


Style notes: Break up a neutral look by adding a balaclava in a contrasting hue.


Style notes: Accentuate the boldest color in your favorite sweaterdress by styling it with a matching balaclava. 


(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Style notes: Balaclavas can be worn in various ways, but possibly the most straightforward option is styling it with an all-black look. No matter how you choose to emulate this trend, how cold it is, and what city you reside in, it's safe to say we can always count on the Copenhagen fashion set to show us how to look cool. 

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