An Oldie But Goodie Wardrobe Staple Is Staging a Comeback—Here's How to Wear It

It's true that fashion exists in one giant circle. Things that were deemed "over" just a few years ago are suddenly back in the spotlight, and trends that filled the industry's collective conscious only last year have quietly subsided into the background. Eventually, they all come around again for another moment in the sun, so once a trend fades it's usually a matter of when, not if, it will resurge among the masses. In the case of the denim skirt, that time is now.

This trend may give you flashbacks to images of Ashley Tisdale and Destiny's Child in Von Dutch and cowboy hats, but the denim skirt has changed a bit since then. It hasn't necessarily changed in its core shape or construction, but the main difference is in the way people have styled it into their daily uniforms.

Sure, you might think of the denim skirt as a summer staple, but there's certainly a case to be made for its seasonless appeal. Paired with everything from over-the-knee boots and oversize blazers to outfits with cowboy boots and stylish vests, there are more than a few denim skirt outfits that belong in your closet this fall. We're partial to adding lots of layers with bare legs or opting for a cropped, cool statement top. Really, the options are endless. Keep scrolling to see how everyone is styling the piece right now and to see the denim skirts we have on our shopping list.

On the Runway


Courtesy of Dries Van Noten

A master of proportions and sumptuous fabrics, Dries Van Noten didn't present just any denim skirt this season—his take was a maxi-length version featuring a middle split and a weathered blue wash. The addition of an oversize gray blazer and silver boots feels decidedly cool yet effortless.


Courtesy of Marques Almeida

Meanwhile, over at Marques'Almeida, the denim skirt was envisioned multiple ways during its F/W 2021 show. Among the looks was one with a frayed hem and asymmetric buttons. The retail version includes the exact same silhouette and detailing with the addition of shiny silver studs. 

How the Fashion Crowd Is Wearing the Look

Channel your inner Cher Horowitz with a Chanel-style tweed blazer and a denim mini. 


Getty Images

It seems that Bella Hadid has found her niche within the Y2K fashion aesthetic, and this look here doesn't fall short. For a more classic approach, try pairing a denim mini with chunky rubber boots. 



If you're going to fully embrace the denim skirt revival, you might as well go all the way with a coordinating set. 

Shop the Key Piece

Looking to add a denim skirt to your collection of  2021 staples? Cool. There are plenty more trendy and timeless options where that came from. These are some of the best out there for any budget.

Pair this with a houndstooth blazer.

Because black denim is highly necessary this time of year.

Anyone would think its designer.

The crossover waistband is such a fun, subtle detail.

Leave it to Khaite to create a version that's both versatile and glamorous. 

If you live in a colder climate, you'll appreciate this near ankle-length skirt come winter.

We're all about this side button-through detail.

Some people think patchwork is corny, but here's proof otherwise.

Finally, you have something to wear with all those cowboy boots.

All the Scandi girls will be wearing this by next month.

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