What's Your Zodiac Sign? There's a Spring Trend for That


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Every job requires a unique skill set. For those of us who work in fashion, it can be boiled down to needing to have strong intuition. You have to be able to predict what's next—whether that's trends to come, up-and-coming designers, or the next style icon. In some ways, prophesizing in fashion mirrors what astrology is all about. We're looking out into the universe to find answers for what's next, what's happening, and even self-realization.

Some may not necessarily think that astrology and fashion are interlinked, but that's far from the truth. Even if you're not the type of person who has your entire birth chart memorized (like me), there are benefits to accumulating some knowledge. It can give you more profound clues about who you are, and it can help you craft an approach to personal style. I'll admit you can't learn everything overnight, but as a self-professed expert in astrology and fashion, I can give you a great start.

In that vein, I've researched the best spring/summer 2023 fashion trends for each zodiac sign based on optimal colors, personality, and life approaches. Whether you have your entire chart down or are new to this whole astrology thing, I've got you covered. Consider this your style horoscope for the coming season. (Just be sure to check for your rising, Venus, and sun signs.) 


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We've officially entered that time of year again: Pisces season. As the 12th sign of the zodiac, it makes sense that this ultra-creative water sign would mark the shift from winter into spring. It requires ingenuity to dress well for transitional weather, after all! And boy, do you know how to dress. It's not just that you show up and out—you live for pieces that are as adaptable as you are. You want them to be both functional and beautiful, so it only makes sense that we'd see you donning supple satins this spring. 

This season, water-like satin made waves on the runways. We saw stunning longline satin coats in icy pastels at 16Arlington, Victoria Beckham, and Tory Burch. At the same time, designers reworked the classic satin dress with draping at Del Core, ACNE Studios, and Balmain. And we even saw slip skirts get a creative update. Each take on this trend was dreamier than the last and had an almost aquatic feel that's very on-brand for the Pisces sign.

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If anyone will bring the heat this spring, it's our beloved Aries signs. As the first fire sign of the astrological calendar, your innate ability to lead makes you one of the biggest trendsetters in the group. You're never afraid to take a risk, including in the fashion department. I can definitely see you wearing one of spring's most risqué trends: lace. 

While we've all, to some extent, gotten used to skin-baring trends over the past few seasons, racy lace numbers felt like a more elevated approach on the spring/summer 2023 runways. There were classic takes on this fabric—dress bodices were adorned with lace (see: Coperni and Nensi Dojaka). But we also saw fiery interpretations in the form of full see-through lace gowns by Victoria Beckham and Christopher Kane, lace corsets by Dion Lee, and full-out bras by Prabal Gurung. It was all about embracing lace in a daring way, and what could be more on-brand for an Aries than that? 

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(Image credit: Imaxtree/Act N°1; Courtesy of Gabriela Hearst; Imaxtree/Jacquemus; Courtesy of Aliette; Courtesy of Khaite; Courtesy of Carolina Herrera)

If one sign is going to really embody "low-key luxury," it's Taurus. Those with this sign aren't necessarily interested in keeping up with every trend. They believe in investing in well-made pieces that can last. They want to pull something out of their closet at any point in their lifetime and have it still look good. The urge for functionality over frivolity is what can make us see this earth sign gravitating toward drop-waist silhouettes this spring.

The silhouette has all the trappings to be the perfect trend for this stubborn (yet stylish) sign. In the spring/summer 2023 collections, we saw designers take this waistline and give it a more modern spin. For example, in Act N°1's and Jacquemus's collections, we saw mixed-media drop-waist skirts made from denim and linen. At Khaite and Aliette, colorful satin drop-waist skirts were given volume and a dash of Taurus's signature color (green). But the most promising versions of this trend were the classic drop-waist dresses seen at Carolina Herrera and Gabriela Hearst. They're the type of low-key pieces you can see this earth sign slipping into before they go out to walk in a garden. 

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(Image credit: Imaxtree/Off-White;Courtesy of Interior; Imaxtree/Ottolinger; Courtesy of Prada; Imaxree/Diesel; Courtesy of Miu Miu)

If you scroll through TikTok and Twitter in search of astrology-related content, you'll find that people love to drag Gemini signs as the "messy ones." But don't let that fool you. What seems like disarray is actually this air sign's superpower. Their mutable nature and abundant energy give them the ability to stay booked and busy. They're always running somewhere. So it is only natural that we'd see them donning a spring trend that embodies that energy.

For Geminis, that's what I've dubbed as "coming undone." They're essentially pieces that feel as if they're falling apart. The trend is represented through wrinkled fabrics (see: Prada's S/S 23 collection) and raw-hem pieces (see: Off-White, Diesel, and Miu Miu). There are even pieces that are distressed or look like they were fully destroyed—e.g., Interior has a skirt with a muddy bottom, and Ottolinger's knits are literally unraveling. It is all about intentionally leaning into the idea that things are "messy" but that there's beauty in that. 

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(Image credit: Imaxtree/ Imaxtree/Bottega Veneta; Courtesy of Loewe; Imaxtree/Off-White; Imaxtree/Richard Quinn)

Fun fact: Every zodiac sign has specific planets and plants they're associated with. For Cancers, they happen to be one of the only zodiac signs ruled by the moon. Its mysterious ruling planet is often why this water sign is written off as "emotional," but for them, it's not necessarily bad. Cancers are incredibly intuitive and learn to lean into their emotions. They bloom in ways other signs can only dream of. This ability for growth (plus this sign's penchant for romance) makes me believe they'll be wearing 3D flowers this spring.

While this trend was already budding, spring/summer 2023 runways cemented its relevance. At Loewe, for instance, minidresses were adorned with oversize anthuriums. At Ludovic de Saint Sernin, we saw bracelets and chokers adorned with anthuriums too. If that weren't enough to show this trend is in full bloom, then the incredible textured pieces with 3D flowers made from leather at Bottega Veneta and Off-White are final proof. Each version of this trend on the runway was as complicated and beautiful as our dear Cancers, making it the trend for them. 

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As cliché as it sounds, Leos are always the center of attention. It's not that they're divas. It's just that their vivacious nature always manages to make them the loudest person in the room even if they're not talking. They have that energy, and that's very much visible through their style choices. Courageous both in life and in their closets, they live for luxurious statement pieces that can make everyone stop and stare at them. So it should come as no surprise that we can expect to see Leos prancing around in fun fringe pieces once spring rolls around. 

But it should be noted that these aren't the Western-inspired fringe pieces that are equated with popular music festivals. Over the past few seasons, designers have elevated this design detail by skipping cliché materials (e.g., suede) and opting for surprising fabrics, silhouettes, and hues. We saw that through how 3D sequins adorned dresses at Cucculelli Shaheen and Alexander McQueen. At the same time, crystal netting was used to create fringe tops at Simkhai and Puppets and Puppets. But possibly the most gorgeous version of this trend was at Bottega Veneta—a halter-shaped dress with celadon-tinted fringe bounced gleefully down the runway. The way these pieces move, how jovial they are, and how they grab attention are very aligned with Leos. 

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Saint Laurent; Imaxtree/Salvatore Ferragamo; Courtesy of Bevza; Imaxtree/Prabal Gurung; Imaxtree/Di Petsa; Imaxtree/Bianca Spender)

Never one for being overly flashy or fussy, Virgos are some of the most down-to-earth signs out there. And that relaxed nature applies to every aspect of their life, wardrobe included. They're not necessarily opting for trends you spot from across the room. They want well-tailored and easy-to-wear pieces. For them, it's all about the details, so I'm convinced that there's only one trend for this earth sign: draping. 

Across spring/summer 2023 runways, we saw designers take seemingly simple silhouettes and turn them on their heads with draping. For example, at Bevza and Bianca Spender, dresses were given extra material to accentuate the waistline. At Saint Laurent and Prabal Gurung, asymmetrical hemlines were made up for with an abundance of fabric draped around the shoulders. But the most beautiful examples of all were ultra-fine white materials draped over the body at Salvatore Ferragamo and over a baby bump at Di Petsa. These two looks felt like the clearest nod to the iconography often associated with the Virgo—the greek goddess Astraea, who was seen as a representation of Mother Earth, fertility, and purity. 

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Libras have so many redeemable qualities (like being clever and fair), but decisiveness isn't one of them. Those with this sign notoriously struggle with choosing everything from what to eat for lunch to what spring trends are worth their time—blame their aspirations for duality. But there's one trend I can see this sign having no doubts about, sheer clothing.

Spotted on the spring/summer 2023 runways, this trend creates a smoke-and-mirrors situation where ultra-fine materials give the illusion of being naked without baring it all. We saw that embraced in various ways. Coperni and A. Roege Hove, for instance, had these ultra-sheer tops. At the same time, Miu Miu and Tory Burch paired gauzy knits with matching sheer separates. And then, there were full "naked" dresses. At Mônot, it came in the form of a black fine-knit dress, and at Fe Noel, it was made from a seafoam-green crystal mesh. The trend, in many ways, is perfect for a sign that's always trying to find an equilibrium. It gives them the freedom not to have to choose whether they'll get fully dressed for the day—it's balance, baby! 

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(Image credit: Imaxree/Altuzarra; Imaxtree/Mônot; Courtesy of Bevza; Imaxtree/Bottega Veneta; Imaxtree/KNWLS; Courtesy of Miu Miu)

Ruled by Pluto (aka the planet of destruction), Scorpios are often interpreted as mysterious. But it's often just because these signs are misunderstood and only seen on the surface level. There's so much more happening with these water signs, and that's often reflected in their sartorial choices. Not the kind to be spotted in frilly floral dresses, this sign lives in a darker color palette and likes edgier looks. It's not that they don't want "romantic" pieces. Rather, they want to find pieces that strike that perfect balance. It's why I can see them wearing leather this spring. 

Leather isn't necessarily a new trend; heavy-duty leather dominated the fall/winter 2022 collections. But spring ushered in a dramatic change. Designers gave shifted from worn-in, "masculine" feeling leather separates to ones with more "feminine" details and silhouettes. We saw that in more sultry pieces like a leather corset with matching elbow-length gloves at Mônot and low-slung cutout pants at Beveza—or ultra-pretty leather dresses seen at Altuzarra and Bottega Veneta. If designers didn't create leather pieces in feminine silhouettes, they used details to add a "female's touch"—e.g., Miu Miu presented leather pieces with a dash of color, while KNWLS added embellishments. In true Scorpio fashion, leather was transformed on the runways this spring into something as magnetic as this water sign.

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(Image credit: Imaxtree/David Koma; Imaxtree/Dion Lee; Imaxtree; Imaxtree/Courrèges; Imaxtree/Saks Potts; Courtesy of Versace; Imaxtree/Chloé)

They say you can't tame the free-spirited nature of the Saggitarius, and in some ways, that's true. As the final fire sign in the astrological calendar, Sagittarians are far more out-there in terms of their exploration. They always try to experience something new through travel, food, culture, and self-improvement. That explorative nature extends into their closets too. They're never afraid to test-drive a few new trends. Their only stipulation is that they have to be able to easily jump on a bike, train, or flight and head off into the night. That desire for exploration is what will have this sign embracing the "moto mami" aesthetic this spring. 

Let's be clear, though. While this aesthetic has taken off in the pop culture realm, it's categorized by the embrace of moto-inspired pieces on the runway. It debuted first in fall/winter 2023 and continued to be a trend on the spring/summer 2023 runways thanks to the wide embrace of specific "bad-girl" pieces (e.g., biker jackets, edgy hardware, and moto boots). We saw designers take these staples and make them even badder. At Versace, they were paired with a low-slung leather miniskirt; at David Koma, a chain-mail skirt. At Chloé, they were paired with micro hot pants, and at Dion Lee, they were styled with a draped minidress. At the same time, we saw Saks Potts use grommets to add a little edge to a moto jacket and matching skirt, and Courrèges relied on an oversize fit. Each take was all about exploring the realm of moto in new and interesting ways, and if that's not aligned with Sagittarians, then I don't know what is. 

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(Image credit: Imaxtree/Rokh; Courtesy of Givenchy; Courtesy of Stella McCartney; Imaxtree/Burberry; Courtesy of Miu Miu; Imaxtree/Salvatore Ferragamo)

Known as one of the most practical signs of the astrological chart, Capricorns don't play when it comes to everything in their lives. But they're not just overly serious—these earth signs know what they want out of life and are willing to do the work to get it. They want to focus on the things that matter most in life, so they're not trying to keep up with the frivolous things in life. But that in no way means they don't care about fashion. Much like other earth signs, these signs have a more grounded approach to style. It's about finding pieces that meld fashion and functionality, so I can see this sign embracing cool khakis this spring. 

While the color may seem cliché, designers proved otherwise with their spring/summer 2023 collections. We saw trench coats given a modern spin through reworked tailoring (see: Rokh) and interesting styling. Givenchy, for example, styled leather opera gloves over its coats. It wasn't just the trench coat that got an update. The color, in general, was given that cool factor again. We saw that through Stella McCartney's matching denim set, a leather skirt suit at Burberry, and a full suiting look at Salvatore Ferragamo. There were even utilitarian cargo skirts at Miu Miu! 

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Gabriela Hearst; Imaxtree/Courrèges; Imaxtree/Nensi Dojaka; Imaxtree/Jacquemus; Courtesy of Tory Burch; Imaxtree/Chloé)

And finally, our dear Aquarius. This list (and the world) would be incomplete without your progressive spirit. Of all the zodiac signs, Aquarians are unafraid to be forward-thinking both philosophically and in their day-to-day wardrobes. They love to think outside the box to create unique outfit pairings, shop rising brands, and opt for statement pieces. Their nonconformist spirit can make them a bit anti-trend, but if they do happen to adopt anything from spring/summer 2023 runways, it will be the high-shine metallic pieces. 

Metallics used to be considered "tacky," but designers flipped that misconception on its head in recent collections. We saw designers take traditional silhouettes and give them a little extra shine. For example, at Tory Burch and Gabriela Hearst, sleek longline coats were given the golden treatment, quite literally. At Jacquemus and Nensi Dojaka, longer skirts were coated in silver. At the same time, Courrèges sent a silver body suit down the runway with a neutral pencil skirt. And then, there were open-knit metallic dresses (seen at Chloé and Proenza Schouler. It takes a forward-thinking person to pull off this trend, but if any sign can convert us to the cause of bringing metallics back, it's Aquariuses.

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