These 15 Sandals Are Actually Comfortable


(Image credit: Szymon Brzoska - The Style Stalker)

As someone with wide feet, I can attest to the pain of finding the right summer sandals. I lust after those By Far strappy mules as much as the next fashion editor, but I just know that I'm going to look like one of Cinderella's stepsisters trying to shove my foot into that sexy slimline silhouette. So after a lifetime of summers spent suffering in too-tight shoes, I've done all of us a favor and tracked down five brands that make sandals for wide feet that are comfortable and cute.

Luckily, with the return of the flip-flop and the rise of the fashion-forward Teva (more on that in a minute), there have never been more wide-feet-friendly options on the market—and at a range of price points to boot. Read on to discover the five brands stocking your summer sandal wardrobe.

Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman is one of the few affordable brands that consistently makes styles specifically available in wide widths (and is a brand this editor has sworn by for years for not-too-narrow heels and ballet flats). But even if the pair you are lusting after isn't available in a wide size, all of the brand's shoes are cut generously, so you shouldn't have a problem when it comes time to slip them on. Just be sure to go for styles with fewer straps across the top of the foot like the three below, as they have less opportunity for uncomfortable digging.


Though it is hard to boil down the true impact of Phoebe Philo's years at Céline (note the accent)—I do know that girls with wide feet will forever be in her debt for making Birkenstocks a socially acceptable footwear option, a seriously fashionable one at that. Designed with orthopedics in mind, these German sandals offer plenty of room for wide feet, especially if you go for a style with suede straps, which will soften up and stretch out to fit you perfectly as you wear them in. You can't ask for much more than that.


Though many designer sandals feature super-narrow cuts, Chloé is one of the brands that absolutely gets it right for girls with wider feet. The following three pairs don't sacrifice an ounce of style for comfort, and all feature the brand's signature French girl–approved boho flair. 


Like with Birkenstocks, girls with wide feet have been thanking the fashion powers at be for turning Tevas and Teva-style sandals into a serious style statement (we're looking at you Prada and The Row). The trekking sandals are designed to keep hikers comfortable on all of their summer adventures, so you can be sure the foam-bottomed styles will see you through the season without a blister in sight. Style them up with high-waisted shorts and straight-leg jeans to play up their boyish vibe, or pair them with floaty dresses for a bit of cool contrast. 

Loeffler Randall

If you're looking for sandals for wide feet with a bit of retro flair, Loeffler Randall should be on your shortlist. The always sweet accessory brand's shoes are dainty and feminine without being overly narrow—and many of the styles come complete with leg-flattering ties and straps. We're willing to bet the three styles below are going to be on heavy rotation in your wardrobe this summer. 

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