Thongs Are Officially the Most Controversial Shoe Trend

Don't shoot the messenger, but it's true: What started as the '90s strappy sandal (still very much a summer shoe trend to know) quickly evolved into the extremely sartorially nostalgic thong sandal, and after several of our favorite brands churned out chic iterations of the trend, we couldn't help but pay attention.

Some of you may be sitting there reading this while rolling your eyes and thinking, Yeah, flip-flops? I've heard of them. Right now, some are reminiscing over the platform Rocket Dog thongs we used to wear with cargo pants and tube tops in the early 2000s. But the newer take on the trend is a bit sleeker, which is what gives me hope that you'll be open to trying them.

I'm not quite sure exactly when it happened, but there was definitely a sharp turning point for thong sandals. One day they were more than acceptable, and then in the blink of an eye, they became the definition of taboo (with the exception of wearing them to the beach, of course).

So when we started to see designers send thong sandals down the runways paired with tailored suits and loose trousers, it was quite shocking, to say the least. But the more we saw the polarizing footwear item on the runways and on the streets, the more comfortable we became with the idea. Fast-forward six months and we're the trend's biggest cheerleaders.

Ahead, we've rounded up the 18 best thong sandals the internet has to offer—ones that will ease you into the trend with little to no shock factor. Once you see the brands that are supporting the trend, you'll find it hard to resist. We can promise you that. 

Slim, red sandals will work wonders in your wardrobe. 

Pair these with a tailored suit for an unexpected twist on two classic pieces. 

The shoes you're about to see all over Instagram. 



Just the shoes your jeans and white T-shirt were looking for. 

If your heart just skipped a beat, you're not alone. 

One more pair from Staud since all the colors and styles are perfection. 

Another festive two-in-one trend situation. 

The girls in Copenhagen love these. 



These remind me of shoes I had in the third grade (in a good way). 

You'll need these in every color. 

Pair these with a LBD for a '90s night-out vibe. 

Simple and sleek for the minimalist at heart. 

This silhouette really has the cool, barely there effect. 

The best of both worlds. 

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.