These £60 Tights Are the Definition of an Insta-Bait Accessory

We already know that for spring/summer 2019, lots of '80s trends are set to resurface. Neon, cycling shorts, padded shoulders and cutout dresses are just some treats that are coming for us next season. However, it seems the era's retro styling has crept in pre-Christmas too, in the form of printed tights. Specifically, Saks Potts's monochrome, monogrammed tights.

Born in 2014, Saks Potts has become a cult industry favourite thanks to its extra outerwear, which boasts a playful use of textures and acid brights. Its coats have been worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Cardi B, but the brand's tights that have blown up on the social media scene.

Set against a white backdrop, the brand's logo appears in a black font in a repeated print, making for a serious outfit statement. With backing from Always Judging, Life of Boheme and Style Memos, as well as a host of other influencers, it's fair to say that these are the most in-demand tights of 2018. But, as with any designer purchase, they come at a cost.

At £60 a pair, we're not denying that it's a fair whack to put toward something that might ladder, but we reckon any rips or tears will only add to their cool-girl appeal.

Saks Potts isn't the only designer dabbling in hosiery, though. Gucci, Prada, Vetements and Balenciaga are all serving up logo-emblazoned tights and socks, cementing the fact they're very much a thing right now.

Keep scrolling to see just how the style set is wearing their Saks Potts tights, then shop your favourite monogrammed pair from our edit…

Style Notes: Wear them under a sheer dress to allow the monogrammed print to seep through the fabric.

Saks Potts Tights: Life of Boheme pairs hers with minimal mules.



Style Notes: Keep your footwear minimal to let these tights provide the statement. 

Style Notes: They make for a chic loungewear alternative, too. 

Style Notes: Let them peek out from underneath a colour-pop coat. 

Saks Potts Tights: Style Memos picks up on the black print with her monochromatic heels.



Style Notes: It would appear wedges are the most popular accompaniment. 

Style Notes: Give them a dressing down with oversized shirting and matching monochrome kicks. 



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Opening Image: @stephaniebroek