The Newest Cool-Kid Brand to Get Bella Hadid's Stamp of Approval

It's hard to deny the powerful effect that an It girl like Bella Hadid can have when she discovers an up-and-coming fashion brand. It's pretty much become the standard these days for items to sell out immediately after being worn by a name like Bella, with shoppers racing to purchase the celeb-approved piece. So it goes without saying that the moment we spot one of these celebs in a new-to-us brand, we need to know more ASAP.

This is exactly what happened for Rosemilk, the newly launched NYC-based brand whose dreamy, vintage-inspired aesthetic has already earned Hadid as a fan. Just last month, Bella posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing Rosemilk's Salinas top. ("We cried," co-founder Marcelo Gaia admitted to us about finding out.) It's surprising these days how internet-born brands like Rosemilk are able to explode almost overnight.

Best friends Lisa Caprio and Marcelo Gaia got the idea for Rosemilk when they were on vacation in Sicily last summer. They both shared an admiration and eye for vintage clothing and decided to channel that into a brand that brings a vintage-inspired, romantic sensibility to the modern woman. Take one look at their dreamy silk blouses and colorfully printed skirts to know what we mean.

Since launching in mid-March, Rosemilk has earned a considerable Instagram following and a potential for cult-brand status, in our opinion. We spoke with the co-founders about starting their own brand, who the Rosemilk girl is, and where they see themselves growing from here.

Speaking of Bella Hadid, she says that these shoes are "a big no for me."