Shop the Sunglass Shape Every It Girl Is Wearing

Gucci-approved? Check. It girl–approved? Checkcheck. If you ask us, there’s no better recipe for an up-and-coming trend—especially one that’s so unexpected. That’s right folks: The skinny, retro cat-eye shape is on the up-and-up, just in time for sunny summer travels. While at first, the exaggerated style can be hard to digest, after some in-office test runs, we here at Who What Wear have decided that it’s actually quite wearable—not to mention flattering.

On that note, today, we’re bringing you the best pairs to shop now—before everyone else (and their mother) is already wearing them. Pro tip: If you have it in you, it may be worth waiting for this Le Specs and Adam Selman collab, but if you’re more of an instant gratification kinda gal, we’ve got you covered too.

Shop our picks of the trend (starting at just $16) below!

Opening Image: @manrepeller