Trust Me—These New Eyebrow Products Are a Total Game Changer

It’s hard to believe there was a time when barely-there brows were extremely popular. Things have changed significantly since the days Gwen Stefani was our thin-browed inspiration. In 2020, eyebrows — big, bushy, and bold — are serious business and many of us seem to have embraced the call for full-figured brows. Between brow makeup, tweezing, waxing, micro-blading, the beauty industry has responded to the trend ten-fold. Back in 2016, the UK brow industry was said to stand at an eye-watering £20million. This year, with our favourite salons temporarily closed, new research by the NBD group revealed that sales of eyebrow products were up 78% in the UK.

With this in mind, it makes sense to capitalise on a huge beauty movement. Jess Hunt is a twenty-something fashion influencer who has clear a beauty-niche: her bold eyebrows. It made sense then that she created her own products designed to mimic her statement shape. Refy Beauty was launched earlier this year. Hunt’s plan is to "redefine” beauty and for a first launch, it’s receiving rave reviews. Deservingly so. 


(Image credit: @loreal_blackett)

As someone with very curly, extremely bushy brows (including a lovely monobrow), I am particular about my brow tools. Over the years, I’ve spent considerable time in the threader’s chair trying to coerce my eyebrows into a decent shape. Most know, it’s a painful process.

However, as the salons closed throughout the pandemic, I needed a saving grace. And, Refy Beauty is now a staple in my arsenal. Available in three shades — light, medium and dark — it consists of three brow tools. To achieve the look, it’s a three-step process that is surprisingly easy to do. What's more, the double-sided tools also come with their own brushes.

Here's How:

The brow sculpt contains a sticky substance that tames hairs in place. It dries clear and your brows do not move all day. Seriously, it refuses to budge. On the reverse side, the brow wand helps you to tease your hairs into the position you want.


Next up, is adding shade and depth. The second tube contains a concealed tub of pomade and an angle brush to help fill in your brows. This is perfect for those who have missed out on tint appointments this year. The pomade is very pigmented, buildable and a little goes a long way. I gently brush the pomade through using sharp strokes.


Lastly, the brow pencil. Refy Beauty’s pencil is needle thin and perfect for shaping your brows into your desired shape and filling out sparse areas. This also contains a brush helping to soften the product if you go a little heavy handed.


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