When It Comes to Winter Fashion, I Never Skip Out on These 4 Items

Ralph Lauren Winter Collection


Ralph Lauren

Winter will always be one of my favorite times to get dressed. You can play with layers (lots and lots of layers), hone in on deeper tones (don't get me started on my love for a good navy), and basically stay cozy from morning to night (score). I don't like to play around when it comes to buying clothes for the season. I like my pieces to be stylish but most importantly high quality, so they hold up through the not-so-ideal weather. This year, I've got my eye on Ralph Lauren's latest collection. It has the four items my closet always needs—cozy sweaters, warm outerwear, leather booties, and cold-weather accessories—and in true Ralph Lauren fashion, they're beyond iconic. Keep scrolling to shop the super-cute winter items your wardrobe is begging you to add.

Cozy Sweaters: