I'm Still Obsessed With Rainbow Jewelry—These Are the 9 Best Brands

A while back, I wrote a story about the best multicolored jewelry on the market. I put the story together for two reasons: 1) because I love it, and 2) because it was trending. Well, do I have good news for you (and me)—rainbow jewelry is still having a major moment.

I will admit that when the trend first came to fruition, I was skeptical but excited. Considering my excessive amounts of "normal" jewelry I was already wearing on heavy rotation, I wasn't sure how this new color scheme would fit in, but to my surprise, it was the best addition I ever made to my jewelry collection.

There are certain brands that are known for their incredible array of rainbow jewelry, but over the years, a few more newbies have popped on my radar, and I think you'll love them just as much as I do. Ahead, discover nine brands that are a must-shop if you're looking for rainbow jewelry. At this point, the trend isn't even a trend at all—it's a classic. 

The Last Line

When you think of rainbow jewelry, you probably think of The Last Line, and so do I. The brand is excellent at creating fine jewelry you actually want to wear every day.


Not willing to spend thousands on rainbow jewelry? I hear you. In this case, I suggest heading to BaubleBar for the very affordable versions of all the iconic rainbow pieces you love, like tennis bracelets, stacking rings, and more.

Roxanne Assoulin

It wouldn't be a rainbow jewelry roundup without including Roxanne Assoulin pieces. Known for her enamel stacking bracelets, this jewelry designer is also keen on extra-large gemstones that look great with everything from T-shirts to ball gowns. 

Robinson Pelham

This London jewelry brand is one to watch. These pieces are definitely pricey, but they're also worth every penny. One look at the selection ahead and you'll quickly see what I mean. 

Andrea Fohrman

If full-on rainbow isn't your thing but you want to add color to your everyday fine jewelry assortment, look no further than Andrea Fohrman. 


Bright, bold, and beautiful—must be Eriness. Her signature is her rainbow baguettes, but the stacking rings are something else. Basically, when it comes to rainbow jewelry, this brand is the queen.

Stella and Bow

If you've made it this far, you're due for another affordable option. Stella and Bow creates wallet-friendly jewelry that stacks up perfectly next to all of your fine pieces. 

Sydney Evan

I'll admit that rainbow jewelry kind of all starts to look the same after a while. Luckily Sydney Evan is the jewelry designer keeping us on our toes. You'll have a massive smile on your face as you scroll through her stunning collection, which includes everything from gem-adorned chain bracelets to love rings.

Judith Leiber

Last but not least, there's Judith Leiber. This is the kind of jewelry you'll wear forever and then pass on to your grandchildren. So yeah, just go on and buy something.