H&M Just Put 2214 Items on Sale—These Are the 31 Best

H&M Sale Picks



When you've been a fashion editor for as long as I have (about seven years), you become an expert in sniffing out good deals. Some sales can be disappointing if the selection is full of last-season stuff. No, I don't have the patience to buy an on-sale shearling coat and hold on to it until fall. But I promise you one thing about H&M's latest sale: It's no letdown. The sale is chock-full of spring and summer pieces that are a far cry from bottom-of-the-barrel leftovers. 

There are plenty of cozy, comfy items for wearing at home, including soft knit pants, a ribbed dress, and a loose cotton blouse. But I believe it's also worth buying more polished pieces to give your spirit a little boost right now—especially when we're talking about $25 dresses, $20 jeans, and $15 tops. Leave it to H&M to make budget buys look anything but. Scroll down to shop my favorite 29 items from H&M's new sale. 

Dresses and Skirts

You could easily mistake this pretty dress for a Reformation one. 

Oversize silhouettes are as comfortable as they are chic. 

Just as cozy as sweats but way more stylish. 

Yes, the (faux) leather trend is still very much alive. 

This is the kind of easy, comfy dress you can wear all day and also sleep in. 

I love how this striking red dress is styled with casual white sneakers. 

Nothing says summer like a cute gingham dress. 

The square neckline trend definitely has staying power. 

A silky skirt is always a good idea. 

The comfiest LBD you'll ever come across. 


Don't overlook the adorable rhinestone buttons on this.

When you want to be cozy but also show off your stomach. 

This semi-sheer mock-turtleneck is perfect for spring. 

I'll be wearing this with cutoff denim shorts this summer. 

This top is the perfect layering piece. 

Zebra print is the new leopard print, y'all. 

Jackets and Sweaters

Rainy season is upon us, so be prepared with a cute jacket. 

Cardigans are my favorite thing to wear indoors while the AC is blasting all summer. 

A denim jacket with a twist. I love the subtle gathered-sleeve detail at the wrists. 

A cute rain jacket is one of those wardrobe essentials that is supremely functional. 

You can never go wrong with a nautical striped sweater. 

Pastel colors are everywhere this spring, and baby blue happens to be my favorite. 


Meet the perfect slip for wearing under dresses—or by itself. 

This bodysuit is perfect for wearing with flowy skirts for summer. 

Bike shorts are practically a staple at this point. 

Bra, crop top, camisole—whatever you call it, it's chic. 

Jeans, Pants, and Jumpsuits

This is how to do distressed jeans without going overboard. 

These polished slacks are begging to be worn with a silky blouse. 

If you have enough jeans in your closet, cargo pants are a fresh alternative to try. 

You simply can't beat the $8 price tag on these classic skinny jeans. 

Trust us when we say that skinny jeans will never go out of style. 

I love wearing gray jeans with black tops and shoes for a tonal look.