14 Pretty Lingerie Sets Any Fashion Girl Would Love

Best Lingerie Sets



One look at Instagram, and you may be convinced to give up tube socks in favor of daisy-bedecked sheer versions or trade your favorite old cotton bra for a pretty lingerie set. And who's to say that's a bad thing? A matching lingerie set definitely has confidence-boosting powers whether you're wearing it under leggings or a cute new dress. Now's a great time to clean out your underwear drawer and toss worn-out pieces. 

Below, I've rounded up some of the best lingerie sets from Nordstrom, Shopbop, and more. If you're ready to invest in a beautiful set or simply want to spice up your collection for less than $50, I've got you covered. There's a slew of different vibes to choose from, including sporty, simple, lacy, intricate, and so on. Scroll down to shop my favorite lingerie sets right now. 


White Lingerie Sets



I love the floral lace print on this one. 

A beautiful interpretation of a classic silhouette.  

I didn't know I needed tap shorts until now. 

This bra has rave reviews on Nordstrom's website. 

The mesh paneling makes this pair so comfortable and stretchy. 

Silk and lace are always a good combination. 


Matching Lingerie Sets



This cute red bra is sure to be a confidence booster. 

This bralette can easily be styled as a shirt with a cardigan or blazer on top. 

This bra reminds me of Ariel. 

G-strings are definitely a major lingerie trend right now. 


Black Lingerie Sets



I love this mix of lace and printed fabric. 

Yep, I'd recommend buying the matching underwear, too. 

Wacoal truly has a cult following. 

Admit it: Your underwear drawer could probably use an upgrade. 


Yep, these are just as comfortable as they look. 

Fleur Du Mal is the perfect option if you're ready to splurge on designer lingerie. 

Treat yourself to luxurious satin underwear. 

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