18 Pretty Hair Accessories That Made Me Do a Double Take

I feel like I've spent so much time on Instagram this year that it takes something truly special for me to pause from scrolling. Obviously, we've all logged more days at home this past year, so by default, we've also spent more time on our devices. (I don't even want to talk about my average screen time.) As a result of all that scrolling, I've become pretty immune to Instagram trends. They just don't have the same effect on me that they used to. They start to feel repetitive quickly thanks to all that screen time I'm clocking.

On the plus side, now when something does catch my eye, I know it's truly special, and I've noticed this most often with hair. A good curtain bang, a vibrant color, or perfectly placed highlights have been gathering in my saved folder as of late along with one other theme: hair accessories. A pretty hair accessory can elevate your everyday strands from average to excellent instantly, and they're so easy to add to your look. Whether it's a few clips in the front or a gorgeous scarf wrapped around your head, a hair accessory always stands out. Below, I've outlined 18 pretty hair accessories that made me look twice during my days of scrolling, all of which are beyond easy to wear. 


Everyone's favorite '90s hair accessory is back, and I couldn't be more thrilled. A big jaw clip is perfect for a bad hair day or when you don't have the time or energy to curl your hair. Just separate your front pieces, twist your hair back into a bun, and clip. You look effortlessly put-together with time to spare.

The pearl details on this one are so delicate. 


18 pretty hair accessories to try now



A silk scarf is as timeless as it gets, yet it somehow always catches my eye. You can play with different patterns and colors to complement your outfit, and it's the ideal solution for two-day-old hair that you're not ready to wash yet (speaking for myself but hoping other people do the same thing). 

This is a fun take on the classic bandana print.

These two look much more expensive than they are.


Pins made a comeback last year, and I'm into it. They keep my hair out of my face in the chicest way possible. There are also so many ways you can use them to enhance your outfit. 

Pretty hair accessories to shop



Add a pop of color to your outfit.