These (Low-Effort) Hairstyles Are the Only Ones That Will Matter This Winter

Listen, I love intricate party hairstyles just as much as the next person. Perfectly imperfect up-dos? Sure. Red carpet–ready curls? Definitely. Sometimes, though, I'd rather take the path of least resistance. And by sometimes, I mean most winter days. It's cold and blustery outside, and for me, the ideal hairstyle is one that won't take too much time or cause too much fuss to fix when the wind whips it out of place. Low effort is the name of the game. 

Now, that's all well and good, but easy-to-achieve hairstyle inspo can be hard to come by—especially when you're looking to celebs to provide you with it. After all, most of them have insanely talented stylists on speed dial. Still, they're out there, if you only look hard enough (I know because I found them). Keep scrolling to see the only five winter hairstyles that matter this season, according to celebs like Dua Lipa, Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, and more. 

1. The '80s Flip

Winnie Harlow



Eighties-style hair is having a moment. I'm talking big curls, big volume, and an even bigger side-parted flip. Here, Winnie Harlow shows us how to modernize the hair from our favorite teen movies. It's giving young Julia Roberts, no? All you need to do is curl your hair or accentuate your natural curls, boost volume at the roots, and give your hair a flip. A good tip is to flip your hair to the opposite side of your natural part. This will give it effortless volume. 

Who else is better suited to sport an '80s flip than Drew Barrymore? She mastered both components of the trend—first, there's the volume at the roots, and second, there are the curls. 

Emily Ratajkowski



It's not a trend until Emily Ratajkowski takes part, right?

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2. The '90s Supermodel Updo

Dua Lipa



Nineties supermodel hair might be the biggest trend of 2022 thus far. We saw it everywhere, including on the red carpet and on social media. This winter, though, it's all about a specific type of '90s supermodel hair—aka the updo. To recreate it, tease your hair at the crown to give it volume, brush it back, and pin it. Make sure to leave a few wispy face-framing pieces out front. 

Hailey Bieber



Hailey Bieber opts for a modern take on the look, which is perfectly touseled. 

If there's anyone who's made this hairstyle their trademark, it's Kim Kardashian. 

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3. The Extreme Side Part

Jasmine Tookes



Sorry, Gen Z, the millennial side part is officially trendy again (according to celebs at least). No matter if you're wearing your hair up, down, or somewhere in between, give it an extreme side part. It's incredibly simple, and it's such a vibe. For proof, just look to Jasmine Tookes. 

Taylor Hill



Taylor Hill is also in on it, except she wears her hair in a slicked-back bun. 

Bella Hadid



Leave it to Bella Hadid to combine trends: '90s supermodel hair and an extreme side part. 

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4. Braided Details

If the millennials get a point for side parts, Gen Z gets a point for braided details. Whether it's a single braid, a French braid, a Dutch braid, or multiple braids, celebs are proving that this low-effort look will be big this winter. Lucky for us, braids are so easy to create. 

Ashley Graham



Ashley Graham makes the case for a sleek and shiny statement braid.

Olivia Rodrigo accessorizes her braided pigtails with a Gen Z staple: colorful hair clips. 

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5. The Wet Look




The wet look is nothing new, but it's also not going away anytime soon. That is, according to Zendaya, who paired her wet-looking slicked-back style with an incredible Loewe dress. The style couldn't be any easier to replicate. Just apply the right products throughout the hair and slick it or tie it back. The more tousled, the better. 

Josephine Skriver makes a case for a slick and shiny half-up style. 

Addison Rae



Addison Rae's shiny high pony is perfect. 

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