8 Pregnancy Outfits That Are So Stylish

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and your wardrobe shouldn't be any less beautiful due to the fact that you now have to work around a baby bump. Luckily, stylish brands left and right have been coming out with maternity lines that suit both your child-bearing and fashion-loving self. Thanks to brands like Topshop, A Pea in the Pod, and ASOS Maternity (just to name a few), top-notch maternity outfits are easier than ever to put together, and we have the looks of eight fashion bloggers to prove it.

Flaunting everything from skinny jeans to chic monochrome color schemes, the pregnancy outfits ahead should give off nothing but hope and encouragement to those of you struggling with what to wear while pregnant. With a combination of maternity and regular brands, the outfit ideas ahead are easy to put together, fun to wear, and perfectly flattering for your adorable baby bump.

Go on to shop the eight pregnancy outfits found on some of the most stylish bloggers.

Vertical Stripe Dress + Metallic Heels



Oversize Sweatshirt + Jeans + Neutral Flats



White Sweater + White Dress + Silver Pumps



Trench Coat + Midi Dress + Sneakers



Blazer + Camisole + Skinny Jeans + Printed Heels



Striped Shirt + Leggings + Ankle Boots



Textured Jacket + Fitted Dress + Mules



Bright Blouse + Pencil Skirt + Heeled Sandals