How to Wear Leggings When You're Not in Your 20s

We'll be the first to admit that there are times when it seems as though celebs with the last name Jenner or Hadid are the only legging-wearing It girls you hear about. But we're here to set the record straight and remind you that celebrities (and women) of all age groups are equally smitten with the athleisure staple. To prove this and provide you with a slew of new legging-outfit ideas in the process, we found 10 stylish over-30 women who know how legging styling is done, and in the process, we came to a few conclusions as to what to keep in mind when styling leggings when you're no longer in your 20s.

One of the clear similarities that we found among the legging outfits of women like Diane Kruger, Nicole Richie, and Alexa Chung is that there's nary a crop top or sports bra in sight without a top over it. Most of them were covered up with a jacket or an oversize sweater or sweatshirt, which balanced out the slim leggings and added polish. Not only that, the style setters all opted to pair their leggings with some sort of sneakers and stuck to neutral, solid dark-colored leggings.

Ready for a little polished legging-outfit inspo? Read on to see how 10 over-30 celebs style theirs, and shop sleek leggings they'd love at the end.