Just an Observation: Zara, Nordstrom, and Amazon All Stock These 7 Spring Trends

spring trends at popular retailers



After years of publishing shopping stories from the internet's top retailers, I think it's safe to say that I'm low-key a professional online shopper. Whenever I'm sitting down to start a new shopping story, there are three tabs I always open first: for Zara, Nordstrom, and Amazon's landing pages. It's a weekly (if not daily) habit of mine and while perusing this season's offerings, I noticed a few common themes in each of their new arrivals sections. They all happen to be stocking a handful of the same spring trends. Well, seven in particular.

As an editor, I already had a hunch that these silhouettes, colors, and styles would become popular, but seeing them repeated across the biggest retailers only confirms that they're the ones to know. From graphic checkerboard prints to luxurious-looking pale yellow pieces, continue on to discover each of the seven trends I'm seeing in the market and shop my pick from each retailer.

Buttery Yellow



Delicate, flattering, and easy to layer, this new breed of yellow is taking over where beige left off: namely, operating under the guise of color but actually offering our wardrobes a new way to wear neutral. If you're terrified of bold brights, this hue just might be the one for you. Luckily, high-end and fast-fashion brands alike have delivered a wealth of styles to inspire us for the new season.

There's no stopping it: Y2K style is quickly making its way back to the fashion scene one trend at a time. The easiest way to incorporate it is via nostalgic jewelry. Think glass and plastic pieces like the ones you would've owned as a tween or colorful beaded and pearl strings that give off a summer camp DIY vibe, but more elevated.

Skirt Sets



Trendy, sexy, cool—skirt sets are the easy-to-wear trend that brings a lot of look with minimal effort. Coming in a range of cuts, colors, and prints, this is one that's easy to get in on no matter your taste or style.


As we've already pointed out, less is more when it comes to this season's big trends. Specifically, cut-outs. It's a craze that completely makes sense when you put it into perspective–we're all pretty eager to shed the many layers of puffer coats and heavy knits that are currently swamping us. Now, it couldn't be any easier to get your fix with cutouts adorning everything from knits to dresses to one stretchy unitard I just added to my Zara cart.



Featured in abundance throughout the spring collections, the polos in question were knitted and felt retro yet incredibly modern. Well, those knitted polos are still holding strong this season, and honestly seem to be one of those trendy basics we're seeing everywhere throughout the market.




I think my fellow editors would agree with me when I say that checkerboard print is the freshest micro-trend in the game right now. Forget traditional spring gingham—right now, it's all about bold graphic checks that our favorite brands and retailers all seem to be on board with.

Low-Heeled Mules

low-heeled sandals



The '90s-inspired shoes are fully coming back into the spotlight for spring. They're trendy, yes, but are also delightfully easy to wear and go with a number of things from jeans to dresses. Even better, the low heels on them make transitioning back into the real world (and shoes that aren't slippers) that much smoother.