I Test-Drove Spring's Biggest Color Trends—These Are the Simplest to Wear

Call me boring, but I have a penchant for dressing in neutrals—black, white, grey and beige are my go-tos, and I rarely veer too far from this color spectrum. You can understand my joy when every shade of creamy beige trotted down the spring runways—my wardrobe basically summed up in a fashion nutshell. But alongside the ecru hues were a splattering of bright, bold, and energizing colors I simply couldn’t ignore.

Sure, Pantone’s color of the year, living coral was palpable, but how about that vibrant turmeric orange or fiesta red? I decided to get out of my sartorial comfort zone and test-drive some of spring’s biggest color trends that are actually wearable. While some shades are inevitably harder to wear from head to toe, I tried sprinkling these trending colors into my existing wardrobe staples, and the effect was surprisingly refreshing.

Not only did they give me a fresh and revitalizing way of approaching my outfits, but they categorically proved I can pull off more colors than I think. And I’m sure my dear readers, you can too! Scroll below for the trending spring colors I found the simplest to wear.

Lemon Verbena 

I’ve always thought you need to have sun-kissed skin to pull off yellow, (and let’s be honest any shade of the sunny color looks great with a tan), but I found the cheerful lemony hue much more wearable than I had anticipated. I opted to wear it in the form of trendy wide-leg jeans—exuding a retro free-spirited ’70s vibe—an aesthetic we saw all over the spring runways. It's a refreshingly easy way to pull off the hue, especially when paired with a neutral sweater.

Turmeric Orange

To be honest, orange is the last color I’d think of adding to my cart when shopping for something new, but after saw it all over the runways at Fendi, Hermès, and Valentino, I decided to give it a whirl. Who would have thought it would elicit so many compliments? Orange pairs beautifully with browns, greens, and blues, so instead of going head to toe, I decided to wear a turmeric top with simple light-wash jeans—super easy to pull off. Sidenote: I also felt the color brightened my face… and mood!

Pistachio Green

An assortment of green tints took over the spring runways from ubiquitous neon to rich forest moss. But my eye turned to a fresh pastel green—call it sage, pistachio, mint, or seafoam, the hue is much easier to wear than some of its sister shades, and looks elegant when paired with crisp white jeans or a silvery slip skirt.

Fiesta Red

This color is fire! Literally. It’s one of the easiest colors to wear and looks gorgeous whether you’re donning the hue via a dress (as seen at Moschino and Gucci) or via separates (as seen at Acne Studios). If you really want to stand out from the crowd, wear it from head to toe, or for a subtler take, pair with jeans and matching red accessories. I tried both ways, and I definitely was the center of attention (in a good way!) when out and about.

Wearing fiesta red in a sporty zip sweater gives your outfit an effortlessly casual look.

Everything Beige

From ecru to stone, camel and cream, 50 shades of beige were seen all over the spring runways, and it’s easy to see why the fashion crowd is loving it right now. The hue is timeless, easy to wear, and looks sophisticated, elegant, and expensive looking! Play with textures, hues, and silhouettes for a modern look.

Pastel blue for spring? Sign us up! The dreamy shade looks great with everything from tan to crisp white, and is perfect for the sweet new season ahead.