I DM'd 4 Nail Artists—They Said These Nail Colors Will Be Huge In 2023


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I have a confession to make: I'm nosy AF. I'm sure it's not the most shocking thing you've heard today—I like to think it comes with the territory when you're a beauty editor. I always find myself Insta-stalking celebrity nail artists because of it (those designs!), and I just think it's my job to stay on top of what's currently trending in the beauty space. Today's topic of interest? Popular nail colors, of course.

Don't worry. This isn't a wrap-up list of 2022's best nail colors (although I wouldn't be opposed to reading that). I'm more interested in what hues celebrity nail artists think will make a big splash in 2023. After all, we all like to stay a little ahead of the game, right? If your curiosity has also gotten the best of you, keep scrolling. I DM'd four nail artists to find out what colors they're feeling for the year, and I'm sharing all the details.

1. Cobalt Blue

Celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce predicts that cobalt blue is a shade we'll see a lot of in 2023. It's such a rich, bright shade that looks gorgeous in any season. There is also no lack of eye-catching designs you can create with the hue.

2. Pea Green

Boyce also says she's obsessed with a good pea-green nail shade and thinks it will be the dark horse of 2023. It's muted but is a little bit different than your average brighter-toned green. It's almost like a gorgeous khaki with a hint of a yellowish green to it. Striking, unique, and easy to wear.

3. Shades of Reds

According to the experts, red will continue to be a standout shade in 2023 because it's classic and timeless. What particular shade of red is up to you. Whether you like a brighter fire engine red or a deeper, wine-stained hue, all will work this upcoming year. "A deep, vampy red is always in for a sultry winter," says celebrity nail artist Holly Falcone. "It can be worn by itself or used for a moody French manicure. It’s also a fun base color to add dark crystals to for a little extra oomph." She'd go for a dark red like Orly's Nail Polish in Vixen.

Nail stylist and CEO of Nailing Hollywood Mazz Hanna also loves a good classic red. Her absolute favorite is Emilie Heathe's Nail Artist Nail Polish in The Perfect Red since it flatters all skin tones.

4. Deep Plum

Hanna also thinks dark winter nail colors will always be a hit. She expects to see mysterious shades like plum in the mix for the rest of the winter season and well into 2023. Her favorite shade of plum is Dazzle Dry's Rum Raisin, but she also loves an even deeper, velvety shade like the ones below.

5. Balletcore Pink

Falcone is all about the recent balletcore trend and thinks it will definitely extend to nails in 2023. "There's a big influence of Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon, and other very feminine, nostalgic anime characters," she says. "A shimmery pink ballet slipper-colored shade pays a nod to the minimal, girly, balletcore [look] that's trending, but is more of a punched up Sailor Moon version of it." Her color of choice in this regard is Orly's nail color in Can't Jet Enough. For a more neutral take, you can opt for OPI's classic shade Bubble Bath.

6. Metallic Shades

According to Falcone and celebrity nail artist Sonya Belakhlef, unique metallic shades are also on the rise as we move into 2023. "We saw a lot of shimmery, metallic fabric on the recent runways that looks opulent yet grounded," says Falcone. "Green [particularly] is very much a shade we'll continue seeing a lot of in 2023, but with a metallic finish."

Belakhlef loves Orly's metallic chocolate shade Stop the Clock, in particular. "This richly pigmented chocolate metallic shimmer is the perfect nail color to evoke the coziness of the season," she says. "Stop the Clock is a perfect luxurious neutral for those looking to add some interest without straying too far from the classics."

7. Creamy Black

Before you start thinking black is a one-dimensional shade, think again. There's matte black, shimmery black, creamy black—the list goes on! Falcone thinks a creamier shade of black will be a winner in 2023. The best part? This color looks good on any nail length. "Short nails are coming back in style, and they look incredible with a shiny, deeply pigmented black polish," Falcone explains. "It's a clean look with a slightly rebellious edge. Because black absorbs light, top it with a glossy top coat so the black looks creamy and shiny instead of dull. Think Sandy Liang's runway nails from her S/S 23 show."

8. Shimmering Teal

For something a bit unexpected, Hanna loves a shimmering teal shade like MiniLuxe's polish in Winter Solstice. She thinks this polish, in particular, will earn some extra love in 2023 for its gorgeous, nuanced pigment, which includes subtle flecks of green in it too.

9. Mauve

Belakhlef says there's at least one classic neutral hue that's here to stay. For anyone who loves a simple color but likes to add a tiny bit of flair, a good mauve shade is right up your alley. Belakhlef always goes for Orly's nail polish in Dynamism in this regard. "Mauve is always a trending color, as it veers neutral, but it's not so basic. Next year, there will be a lot of space cowboy-like themes, and this steel-toned metallic mauve gives that futuristic, gritty, yet somewhat neutral look."

10. Glitter Shades

We love a good party shade, and adding a glitter top coat or simply buying a polish with some extra shimmer in it always does the trick. Belakhlef also loves this vibe and recommends going for a black polish with glitter like KB Shimmer's Stark Raven Mad or even something holographic. "There is something sexy about a black polish with a little shimmer, especially for a holographic look. Stark Raven Mad is a deep dark charcoal with hints of silver sparkle." 

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